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Relatively poor due to its own conditions, the enthusiasm and awareness of physical exercise completely to gradually develop a nurturing and guidance in the traditional spirit of Tsinghua University to promote the sport. Time students "for the motherland health fifty years under the slogan inspire attention and participate in physical exercise, but due to the activities of literary societies, difficult homework, time and intensity of physical exercise can not be guaranteed. To work, busy with work, small children, can not adhere to exercise until the 1980s children the burden of living is relatively small, I also began a lasting sporting exercise.

The beginning of just running, running for some time feel the spirit is particularly good, especially dynamic, so we persevered. However, the exercise of that time is quite monotonous, just running it, start running, I learned tai chi, tai chi sword, and to participate in the activities of the union of Tai Chi Chuan Association from 1990. About in 1993, Mulan incoming school, I began to learn Mulan Boxing, Mulan fan, Mulan sword, and slowly more interest in Mulan train up. After to participate in the activities of trade unions of Mulan Boxing Association so far. After retirement, the school retired at the spirit of promoting the purpose of the retired personnel, physical and mental health organizations interested in teams on a variety of arts and sports, I also participated in the activities of the retired at the chorus and Mulanquan interested teams, post-retirement amateur life colorful.

1980s, the personal physical exercise, by the collective nature of the activities of trade union organizations in Taiji, Mulan Boxing Association in the 1990s, so I sports exercise more regular, more durable, more consciously, but also have been some successes. At this time, physical activity is almost all of my spare time, after retirement, physical activity is an integral part of my life.

The daily routine of physical exercise to promote good health and also to promote mental health, in terms of Mulan Boxing, which inherited the essence of tai chi, to remain "pine static" state, to eliminate distractions, soft but not collapsed, calm, but the Mi, the gas filling the pubic region, absorbed, actual situation clear, continuous, whenever music is playing, a boxing fan, sword began to drill in accordance with the action essentials, an action, an action to do so, I really was in addition to boxing, and other not a fist down, covered with comfortable, happy and peaceful state of mind. I often say this morning boxing is really my own time ", so-called" own time "refers to that time only" self "and enjoy the freedom, everything else does not seem to exist. We live in a secular society where ordinary troubles everywhere encounter, and no one to escape not, but every day, so for some completely lost troubling time, is very beneficial for our mental health, strengthen the capacity of self-regulation.

Physical exercise is undoubtedly greatly enhanced my physique, help me do the work undertaken. Pre-retirement, I want to take on large class teaching, but also engage in research and research students, while long-term bear a heavy social work department, almost every year are overloaded with work, but also in teaching, research and social work have achieved a certain achievements by the school's recognition and praise. After retirement, I often go to the field to the Master of Engineering, university math class in the class because students are part-time students, and can only spare time to class, sometimes I get on the train on Friday night and the next morning to reach the destination and class immediately, , it is two full days, finished class immediately take the train back should be said that the workload is not small. I was capable, in addition to psychological factors, physical exercise has given me a healthy body is a very important reason. I realized that exercise is of course their own thing, a good body there is a good quality of life, but also the state of things, there is a good body in order that the state do more work.

Since the establishment of the Mulan Boxing Association, in addition to their own to participate in activities, but also took on the work of the association, often to make use of spare time to organizations and professor of Mulan Boxing, sometimes down to the department busy, so people do not know, is now friends, familiar with the original, adds a friendship. More than a decade, I know a lot of new friends, from whom I learned a lot of good quality, I got a lot of sincere concern and help from them, like a big family, I truly feel that can not be separated these friends. Often some people advised me to buy a bigger house off campus, to improve to improve, but I do not always positive, and in fact there is only one real reason that I do not want to leave these friends left I would happily?

Starting from my personal thanks to the practice of sports activities, I think the school associations of trade unions, to carry out a variety of sports activities not only enrich the lives of workers and contribute to create a harmonious campus, but also to implement the call for practical action in the health work of the motherland five decades, school teaching and research, strong and long-term and long-lasting support. Because of its contribution to the school so that the physical and mental health of staff. Health is the basic guarantee to do all the work.

Can say that 10 years of sports activities has become an important part of my life, Without it, life is the lack of color, not so interesting, and not complete, I hope to fight for sports activities with me for the my old age, so I continue to keep plenty of energy, active aging, to do more work.

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