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Anniversary during the swimming season opening giant cost-effective to buy gifts to start
    Located in Lixia District, Tsing Lung Bridge near Wuyang health club, unknowingly has gone through the course of eight years. Beginning in 2004, they adhering to the "movement to make life better" to become evergreen in Jinan fitness market. Penta-Ocean Club as the venue of the Jinan Times, and the newspaper together, during the 8 anniversary launched a series of promotions, to acknowledge the support and love of the Penta-Ocean for many years by the majority of fitness enthusiasts.
"Swimming season" and "giant value" waiting for you
    The Wuyang health club has a international standard short-track, 25 m × 21-meter heated swimming training pool has eight lanes, the use of automated 24-hour cycles of filtration and purification of pool water, water quality, crystal clear, in line with national health standards.
    Anniversary during the five ocean swimming season "grand opening, Wuyang swimming pool to enjoy the slightest cool --- Swimming monthly card 150 yuan / month, 260 yuan / two months in advance. This card is now offered by the date of the card is valid, the final deadline for June 30, 2012. At the same time, Wuyang fitness also launched the "huge value" to buy gifts activities: the stored value card to buy 800 yuan presented a professional badminton rackets a donated 300 yuan to buy 1,000 yuan. This card store things at the same time, the Advisory Tel: 86970707,82052345. In addition, summer swimming, badminton, table tennis, taekwondo training classes registration details, welcome to the store of.
To provide comprehensive quality health conditions
    Wuyang fitness club currently has a calendar stores and Hero Hill shop, under the calendar store is located east of Jinan Fifth, the business area of ​​4500 square meters, has a heated swimming training pool, badminton courts, table tennis, aerobics room, and safety and practical fitness equipment, multiple host various competitions. The Lixia shop professional, pragmatic business philosophy, mainly for middle-level consumer groups, and now has a membership of nearly ten thousand people, has a good reputation in the industry and fitness enthusiasts.
    Of Wuyang Fitness Hero Hill store is located within the City District, Jinan City Women and Children Activity Center, the business area of ​​over 2000 square meters. 2008 Beijing Olympic Games sponsor Technogym is a strategic partner in the store. The club cardio and strength equipment used in all the European mainstream configuration, and the first to introduce the world's most advanced the EasyLine cycle training system in the country. Hero Hill shop to have some spending power and cutting-edge consumer awareness in the top echelon of the crowd for our customers, to promote fitness intellectual life of the advanced concepts, to create stylish, elegant, dynamic, classic art health club.
    "Movement everywhere, Wuyang wonderful moment", the Wuyang fitness club for eight years to provide quality services for the majority of fitness enthusiasts, hosted a variety of amateur competition, Cai Wei, the person in charge of the club, said: "Penta-Ocean Club, with more professional hardware and a more positive attitude for the contribution to the National Fitness own strength. "

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