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Family Care Health Encyclopedia aims to introduce basic medical knowledge and nursing care measures, to enable people to a more systematic comprehensive understanding of health knowledge, and in family life through the daily nursing care to keep away from disease, to maintain healthy living conditions, thereby improving the overall quality of life. Everyone expectations and should see. Family care health Encyclopedia professional teaching materials can be used as home economics and community services, care workers training materials, family members, self-care and health education and promotion of reference books.
As the times progress, social change, people's values ​​increasingly showing a wide range of colors, resulting in the pursuit of life, more and more colorful: career achievements, family happiness, and comforts of life, the rich wage friendship, comfort, etc., these are undoubtedly important, but indispensable, but compared with all of this, the person's health is more important.
With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, health has become the first needs of human existence. The rapid changes of the ever-accelerating pace of life, social life, so that people feel overwhelmed by the pressure is increasing, health problem has become an increasingly prominent social problem. Theory and practice of family health care, and continue to develop as human life, urbanization, internationalization, and the development of population aging trends. The various factors that affect human health, behavior and lifestyles, increasing attention has been paid, and everyone hopes to make their own healthy behaviors and lifestyles to have a healthy body and a warm, harmonious and happy family.
With the development of social, health meaning has expanded, a healthy person not only to have a strong body that can withstand a variety of the disease, should also have a sound mental state, psychological balance and the ability to regulate. To cope with adverse psychological stimuli and improve the ability to survive in modern society.
In efforts to improve their health, people tend to rely on the doctor, medicines and medical facilities rarely great importance to their own to improve their health the leading role or even a lot full of learning and ability, learning-rich five cars Professor, scientists do not know how to self-care, so that originally can prevention spared avoidable diseases, can treat diseases, lost opportunity, reducing the health level, shorten the life of the original can be extended.
In their daily lives, some people afflicted by the disease for decades, still ignorant of their own illness, or poorly understood, all hope of recovery from disease full power to the doctor, in fact, the doctor is not healthy main is the real theme. Through their own efforts to take everything you can to protect and promote health self-care surgery, mainly relying on its own and with the doctor the same unhealthy, weak, disease, and the fight against aging has become increasingly valued by the people.
Health issues of concern to everyone, but the health problems there are a number of cognitive errors. How to deal with the increasingly change the medical process, how to get out the errors in the care of living, how to understand the necessary medical knowledge to make the right diagnosis, the health impact of symptoms of behavior and self-care and health care, and, when necessary, quick and efficient medical treatment, has become a major challenge before the people. Therefore, the spirit of improving the quality of life of the people, the principle of saving lives, we have prepared a "Family Care Health Encyclopedia". Family Care Health Encyclopedia is divided into eight parts, including body structure and function, understand the health of the family of basic nursing knowledge and skills common medical diseases, home care and healthcare, home care and care of common surgical diseases, women's family nursing and health care, children's homes to care and health care, basic knowledge of family medicine.

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