The so-called blade servers (accurate to say that should be called the blade server) is the standard height rack chassis can plug more than one card of the server unit, to achieve high availability and high density. Each a "blade" is actually a system motherboard. They can "on-board hard disk to start their own operating systems, such as Windows NT/2000, Linux, etc., similar to a standalone server, in this mode, each one motherboard to run their own system, service in the specified different user groups, no correlation between each other. However, administrators can use system software to the motherboard set in a server cluster. In cluster mode, the motherboard can connect up to provide high-speed network environment, and shared resources for the same user base. Insert a new blade, you can improve overall performance in the cluster. And because each "blade" is hot-swappable, so the system can easily be replaced, and maintenance time is reduced to a minimum.

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