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The family as a unit of health care is one of the principle of general medicine, general medical care feature is located. The mid-20th century, born out of family health through general medical combines the valuable experience of the traditional medical practitioners, and absorption and adoption of a sociologist of family theories and methods, and further emphasizes the family as a unit, so that family medicine has been characteristics of their own disciplines, which is North America general practitioners, general medical, general medicine as family physicians, family medicine, family medicine, the main reason.
With the rapid progress of social modernization, the modern family structure, function and even the mindset of the people of significant change. Family structure tends to be simple, nuclear family replaced the traditional extended family, many of the features of the family tend to social transfers, systematic and more and more demands on social services and medical services.
At the same time, the family is facing many tough challenges, this challenge also highlights on the surface quality of life of family members and physical and mental health. Person's life, most of the time spent in the family, there is a close contact, by blood, kinship, genetic factors determine the health characteristics of individuals and family members, the internal structure of the family, between the individual and family life cycle, resources and environment, health care measures have a significant effect on the health of family members. Family and health, the relationship between the disease has gradually attracted attention, family health services into the family, provide a complete family health services has become an important part of community health services, general medicine an important foundation for the emergence and development.

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