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Caused onlookers reported that in Beijing, the city nursing home and a hard to find "phenomenon highlights. Reporter to the families of identity consulting, Beijing first social welfare institutions, there are 1100 beds in the front row of more than 7,000 people, the elderly want to live here, at least 10 years. The media reporter investigating dozens of public nursing homes, hundreds of people Arranging is very common, some nursing homes do not accept can not take care of the elderly.

    One of the survey on the network immediately triggered the students can not afford to not afford old can not afford a big discussion. Four portal microblogging, or even three launched a hot topic of concern pension.

    Friends said, although he is very young, but some issues need to take into account in advance, for Old Men, this matter relates to the future for everyone. Deng Hanshan friends said that thousands of people and other bed was horrible, as a developed region like this, other parts of the pension problem more is not optimistic. Status of pension institutions in Chinese cities also will be summarized as: "the city pension conditions, is difficult, no beds; rural old-age air, difficult in poor conditions; physical disability does not take care of themselves, difficult to close in a nowhere; retirement wage income low, it is difficult in the high price ... "

    A lot of friends have joked that students can not afford to not afford the old can not afford, does it well Arranging preparation, began to earn the money into the nursing home? Go by car to queue to queue up in the hospital, live in nursing homes also line up ... At that time, the nursing home will also appear "dealers"?

    As well as friends to explore the causes and solutions for this phenomenon. "King of the North Sister," said the only son of the pension problem has gradually emerged, the elderly population and more is not the pension management problems, the phenomenon of aging really need the government to solve.

    Old ni 6936 "microblogging speak, read the news, and my heart," wow cool wow cool, human, material and financial resources of government investment is far less than the actual pension needs, if the Government can come up with one-third one of the "Three" consumer support pension, estimated that the situation will be greatly improved, I hope, to the old nursing home is no longer "old Court".

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