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Recently, many enterprises are once again the United States re-examination following the Chinese Internet company in May last year, staged in the history of the most densely IPO boom on Wall Street, has experienced six months freeze, data show that at least 20 Chinese companies are lining up overseas listing , in which Internet companies occupy four seats. National Investments CEO Lin Jiaxi said: "The U.S. capital market has warmed up, the stocks of company IPO usher in a new window period."
In fact, the IPO is just the beginning. Morgan Stanley Managing Director Ji Weidong said: "In less than 40 listed Chinese Internet companies, 60 percent are listed below the issue price listed is the threshold, there are more threshold to go after the listing so, how to continue to play a listed company's role is key to the "ice-breaking journey" On the occasion of the window period, we might as well known as the Nasdaq card, "the world's largest Chinese search Road engine Baidu's capital dance.

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