care the home training
Yanda Medical Care Training Institute and the international medical and nursing schools, medical institutions, the elderly conservation service agencies to build relationships, the introduction of courses, cooperative education, Chinese students abroad paid internships, foreign students come to my hospital to learn the training, use of international teaching resources for the healthy City international development talent pool.
Institute focus on the establishment of teaching relationship with the domestic Medical. Efforts to build a modern Medical School, Health City, cooperative education and other international resources to cultivate bachelors, masters, doctorate and the title of professor of international medical personnel.
The international character of the Healthy City College, focusing on brand building, to the foreign orientation of the medical profession for the development center, to fill the domestic foreign-related health care, foreign nursing, foreign Chinese and international pension management study with the integration of education and training mode. For the domestic (foreign), international medical institutions to provide high-quality practical talents.
College under the academic system of education + higher non-degree education + vocational skills training + Sino-foreign Cooperation in Running Schools "four modules complement each other to form an education industry chain, to provide the international talent pool for the" Yanda Jian Cannes ", and gradually developed into the Chinese foreign health care, international pension management industry incubators. Strive to the internationalization of the Training Institute of the completion of education courses school system, the integration of foreign medical new medical schools.

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