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To enhance understanding and friendship between the dormitory members of, to strengthen unity and cooperation in the quarters between members, to create a harmonious dormitory learning atmosphere of life, November 16, the appraisal stage of the information school dormitory image design contest organized by the Information School of Community Service Center began. The judges as the assessment activities of the Information School of part-time counselor, Sun Zhen, cloth Wei Wang Wei, director of the Center of Community Services, Minister Chang Ying Cong, Feng Guangyu, a member of the community service center, and freshman sophomore squad, life member representative. 14:00, a pedestrian time to leave behind a collection of 19, each with a set of Sun Zhen, Wang Wei, began the work of the selection of the male dormitory.
    Event for the Information School of the freshman, sophomore dormitory, dormitory dress, talks and learning atmosphere to rate. Each dormitory are distinctive, unique style. Some called "Cambodia", but not simple. Some called "Centre Stage House," pen and ink scholarly, elegant and natural. Some quarters posting a personalized poster, some quarters are decorated with handmade jewelry their own nest. The warmth of the women's dormitory, the atmosphere of the male dormitory to let the little living space full of family atmosphere. Some quarters hanging motto board, some quarters posting learning notes, creating a learning atmosphere. The same time, the instructors of the dormitories are also trying to introduce their own nest to the audience of judges, so that all of them feel the warmth from the nest.
    Quarters are students learning to live together, where we cry together, laugh together, learn life, the warmth of home, home to the taste. Design Competition in the dormitory image, fully reflects the strong feelings with each other the love of their own nest, like a dormitory wrote Jisu Ning the Shaan Li Zhang, Liu, Tian brothers, one world love each other to forever. "

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