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  July 2, the organizational arrangements of the supervisory trainee, our participation in social welfare social work services sharing forum. Due to the errors on the transit line query before the event, we missed the first part of the exchange and sharing links on the new home of social service experience to share, directly involved in the process of exchange and sharing of family foster care social work services. However, the good news is the last free to share links, provides us with a better opportunity to make up for regret, we can directly and home services social worker, perfect to complete the exchange of learning tasks.
      According to the expected events, the event is divided into two parts: First, to participate in the exchange of learning; group concluded 'achievements. From the exchange, due to the similarity of the form of services and development direction of the field are basically similar, plus relative to similar services to expand the experience, it caused deep emotional resonance.
      A service of advancing the process - how to tread the thorns go flat
      Gradually accepted support from the social worker stationed in the beginning of the exclusion to the first batch of social workers stationed in the center of social welfare can be a profound experience of the hardships in the service to promote the process. Airborne troops has always been the first batch of post social worker for the embarrassing position of ridicule, gradually from the airborne troops into the garrison troops in the relative sense, all experienced in this intermediate may be the Chinese characteristics of social workers must pass through stages - from the coordination with staff to understand the overall service model and workflow, leading to gradual invited to participate in social work activities, a better understanding of social work, and to further promote the penetration of the service model ... The ultimate relative professional and independent.
      Second, professional services, exploration and improvement of
      Mutual accommodation between the employer, the service penetration is the basis of social workers finally approved - with the employer to do related work, professional work gradually penetrate, and eventually establish a professional recognition, which is a services to expand their skills, it is also the only road to development.
How to effectively make an effective combination of professional work and the needs of the employer, its validity and significance of social workers to explore the practice be confirmed to be able to get the final confirmation, to be a continuation of the formation of professional with a certain degree of adaptation of special services.
      Used to think this all just happen to them only in their own service areas will experience all of this, the result, the facts tell us that it is universal, which is a necessary stage in social workers in the localization process is social workers in the path of development with Chinese characteristics, must go through. Sincerely hope that as a pathfinder for later social workers to develop a true sense of belonging to the road of social workers - no longer have so many thorns and rough, more sun and flowers.
      For the exchanges, sharing sessions, from the interaction of the participating members, I have more feelings: a valuable work experience. This can be involved in the exchange of learning from the participating members talking about the participants of the event in addition to the I service units, Baoan District, social welfare centers, and other participants from the rehabilitation centers, professional services, systems yet to be established the need for further planning to improve. Therefore, in the event, some members of the harvest from their feedback I can feel is "greatly exceeded expectations." Listen everyone excited expression of the individual event to see and feel everything, there will be a positive atmosphere to mobilize the feeling to be able to appreciate everyone's words thoughtfully from his eyes, feel profound identity. Very weird, seems to be a common inspiration - for a common goal. It as much as I explained on the popular passion of the World Cup.
      On the whole, the exchange activities for my personal inspiration may be in the professional does not have very large effective whole participate in the process experience of feelings, can be "fantastic" to sum up - it is on the inner world of a wonderful experience.

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