a four seasons health care e-learning spring wind

Spring air flow speed increases, pollen, dust, dust mites and other floating debris in the air, this is also the high incidence of allergic rhinitis. Distributed to them the same because people in the role of the nasal mucosa of patients with allergic rhinitis will generally appear throat discomfort. Therefore, people with allergies is best to go out on a windy, foggy weather, wear a mask to avoid inhaling too much dirty things. Exercise to try to leeward after the end of the exercise should be immediately put on a jacket to keep warm. In terms of diet, can eat with pathogenic fire effect, fluid food, such as bean sprouts is a good choice.

Summer heat-resistant

Summer try not to stay long in the air-conditioned rooms, frequent window ventilation to maintain air circulation, while drinking plenty of water to keep the throat moist. Do not eat cold food, eat roadside barbecue, so as not to stimulate the throat. In the summer, people will often sleep at night, irritability, etc. due to weather conditions, which are detrimental to the throat care. Summer to ensure adequate sleep, do not stay up all night, to feel comfortable. Eat vitamin-rich fresh fruits, vegetables in the diet, such as the watermelon is summer a good choice. In addition, you can use Panda Hai, orange peel tea to drink, the efficacy of Qingyan Lihou.

Autumn prevent dryness

Dry autumn, always make people feel the throat is very dry. Therefore, the lilies, carrots, pears, honey, water chestnuts, duck and other moistening in the diet to eat more things. To strengthen the physical fitness activities, not only aligning Nourishing and improve the function of internal organs, but also makes thermoregulation mechanism in relatively large changes in temperature difference between day and night fall constant state of tension, helps to raise the throat to environmental change ability to adapt, making it easier to adapt to climate change in winter.

Winter cold

Cold stimulus will throat adverse effects. In winter to pay attention to the warmth of the throat, so to go out wearing masks, the door to drink warm water. But do not cover too thick, hot and cold differences over the General Assembly on the throat damage. The home used to the warmth of the heating, air conditioning, it is easy to take away the body of water, so a lot of people wake up throat more dry sore. At this time, you can often drag mopping the floor, or a basin of water placed in the room, you can maintain a relatively moist environment, good for the throat. In the diet, such as throat discomfort, hot pot is best to eat, eat dog meat, lamb and beef, and other hot foods.