a four seasons nursing
· Spring bride maintenance focus
1, a thorough deep clean and maintain moisture, you can choose a refreshing type of moisturizing products.
2, the rise of temperature, UV strengthened attention to the sun.
3, season to prevent skin sensitive, gentle skin care products is appropriate, it is best not in this season's arbitrary replacement of skin care products, so as not to cause anxiety and sensitive skin.
· Summer Bridal maintenance focus
1, the correct steps to clean the skin.
2, keeping the skin moist and balanced.
3, sunscreen thorough protection.
4 foundation product, the use of efficient sunscreen to protect skin.
Preventive repair efficacy whitening care must not be the province of maintenance steps.
· Autumn bride maintenance focus
Injured skin, by the summer sun baptism need to quickly recover, to use the whitening effect of skin care products, tan skin and face freckles has been effectively improved.
2, changing more moist foundation, protecting the skin from the cold and dry.
To mask the product or massage cream to increase the resilience of the skin and prevent dry winter.
And winter bride and maintenance focus
1, massage and mask increase metabolism and promote good blood circulation.
2, moisturizing products, skin to lose tension supplementary water and oil.
3, the covering force and oily make-up to resist the cold, chapped lips, use lip balm.