health care jobs spring is a season of child growth and development of faster. In order to adapt to this characteristic, as well as to adapt the spring dry climate, the parents arrange the child's diet, meaning the following aspects.

Ensure a sufficient supply of calcium

      Spring is a child in a good season, children long bone development. The main component of bone is calcium. Calcium are generally two ways: First, the drugs make up the other is the tonic. The best tonic France, sesame seeds, lily, carrots, carrots, seaweed, shrimp and other calcium-rich foods. Then there are the pork ribs soup and soup bones. Can not let the children more sugar, chocolate, cakes, can impede the metabolism of calcium in the body, because it contains more phosphate.

 More vitamin C supplementation

     Vitamin C can improve immunity and disease resistance, and has a very important role in the child's brain and body. Spring is windy and dry climate, easily lead to hemorrhagic disease, vitamin C to prevent bleeding very good role, must be supplied in time. There are two complementary approaches: One is to take vitamin C tablets, and the second is to try to eat more foods containing vitamin C, vegetables and fruits. Such as: citrus fruits, apples, tomatoes, carrots, jujube and other.

Coarse grains, cereals beneficial

     Coarse grains, cereals first to add minerals to the body, to ensure the supply of trace elements such as iron, zinc, followed by cellulose and various vitamins, once again has a special structure of organic compounds. Often thick, edible corn, millet, mung beans, soybeans and other grains.