homes care
According to my understanding, many family members of patients and even doctors are interested in concealing some of the cancer patient's condition, and now needed in order to avoid accusations of malpractice occur often, and patient care, health care, disease and other communication, had early disease inform patients and their principals in order to facilitate treatment and the truth, then, even though many patients of their condition has long been expected to, been confirmed psychological reactions is very complex, from fear, denial to the silent, inconsistent with the behavior of medical care.
Talked about the psychological care of patients, Shandong Cancer Hospital put three matron Lvzhuan love I said, the patients of different ages have different psychological reactions should be taken to the targeted psychological counseling. For younger patients, nurses should communicate with, establishment of a friend type of nurse-patient relationship; middle-aged patients are the pillars of the family, the dual pressures of society and families, nurses should encourage patients to be strong to face, in order to reduce the psychological burden ; awareness of elderly patients with the disease is more extreme, not a proper understanding of the development of the disease and treatment, the nurse in respect for patients at the same time, use simple, understandable way to answer the doubts of the patients, making it the greatest satisfaction to accept the treatment and care.