in. the home nursing
Abroad the family care (Homenursing,) generally include the following 13 areas:
· Administration of suppositories, one 's severe enema
· Blood, glucose, & blood pressure monitoring to measure blood glucose and blood pressure
· Colostomy care / stoma care anal stoma care
· Injections (I / V, I / M & Subcutaneous) injections
· Insertion of nasogastric tube inserted a nasal tube
Management of the TPN (total parental nutrition) the TPN care
· Nasogastric and gastrostomy feeding nasogastric tube and gastrostomy oral feeding
· Palliative care hospice
· Tracheotomy care tracheotomy care
Urinary catheterization for male and female insert catheter
· Wound care Wound Care
· Complex health teaching and counseling complex health teaching and counseling services
24 hour live-in care 24-hour companionship care
Care workers must be made ​​some nurse qualifications nurse.