jobs in health and fitness
I am engaged in the work field drilling operations, most of the time dealing with the stone. Although sometimes I feel some boring. However, since I am engaged in this work, the body touches more than ever healthy. Diet, sleep, normal night of insomnia problems have disappeared. I attributed these changes I have been at work did not forget to keep exercising.
Morning, I had breakfast, got dressed, put on their own mineral water out of the door, and began my day's work. Because his family away from the unit there is still a distance. Previously, I ride an electric car to work, now turned into a cycling or walking. The reason is simple, ride the electric car is fast, comfortable and sat on it can be in addition to work, most of my spare time are sitting at home computer to surf the Internet. So, I want to change, so that their movement up.
Cycling, feet and legs to pedal movement, the feet either ride a bike ten minutes later, obviously feeling that physical activity is opened, when walking, the effect is more pronounced. Especially in winter, walking 30 minutes, the body has become warm, do not feel cold.
Mining area in the hillside, so I started another sport - mountain climbing. All the way to climb the rugged path along the mountain, along the many nameless flowers, from time to time can also listen to the chirping of chickadees, but also fern, lily, mushrooms you picked, wild grape, wild strawberry, Shan Lihong, etc. you taste. The way forward, all the way to harvest. I took such a happy mood, and soon be allowed to board the mountainside.
Started working, holding the drill gun drill in stone, wear ear plugs can be anti-noise, wear a dust mask against dust. Rig running jitter vibrate your body, it feels like a massage massage on the body's feeling very comfortable. This movement is called "free massage". Tired, sat on a rock overlooking the distant green mountains, or find a block of smooth large stone lying down, looking at the sky, tired soul at the moment the peace. The work is done, clean up a good mood down.
The other day, see a report, a Secretary looked on paper bags sudden death, a great pity. So busy, we must pay more attention to health, strengthening exercise. I have to stick to my exercise to have been because they have a healthy body is the greatest happiness.