jobs in the healthcare community care originated in Western countries is gradually evolved from the home care, lots of care and public health care. Trace the history of the development of community care, can the development process is divided into four phases, namely: home care phase, Lot nursing stage, stage of public health nursing and community care stage of health.
A home care stage - as early as the mid-19th century before the blank due to lack of health service resources, the limitations of medical standards and the nursing profession, the majority of patients are at home recuperating from housewives care, take care. The vast majority of these housewives have neither culture, nor received any nursing training, they can only give patients some basic daily care. Yet such is the simple, laid the foundation-based family care for the birth of early care and community care.
(2) Lot Nursing stage - 50 years in the mid-19th century to the late 19th century, the United Kingdom, the United States in order to Poverty and ill health crowd can enjoy the basic care services to improve the poor health status, one after another opened lots nursing (district nursing ) services. Lot care in Britain and the United States focused primarily on the home poor patient care, including the guidance of family members to care for patients. Lot care personnel, most of the volunteers, a small number of nurses.
Public health care stage - since the late 19th century, lots care in their clients and content gradually expand their clients expand to lots of poor patients, residents; services from a simple medical care, extended to preventive health care services. Engaged in public health nurses, the vast majority of public health nurses, a few volunteers. Community Care: Community Health Services
4 community care stage - into the 1970s, countries in the world more and more nurses to the community the range of health promotion, disease prevention, to provide medical care and public health care services. Thus, from the mid-1970s, the American Nurses Association, will be the financial health care and public health care as one service known as community care, staff will be engaged in community care, known as community nurses. In 1978, the World Health Organization affirmed and be complemented by community care into community accessible, acceptable, affordable health services. From the community care in the world in a different way to quickly develop the team of community nurses is also the world gradually growing up from the quality and quantity.