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With the accelerated enhance people's health awareness and semiconductor technology and medical electronics integration, home medical electronics market has expanded rapidly, and the latest survey report pointed out that according to the research institutions BCCResearch, home medical equipment market to grow from $ 14.6 billion in 2007, growth to $ 20.4 billion in 2012, the annual compound growth rate (CAGR) of 6.8%! assisted rehabilitation, treatment devices, surveillance / sensors and telemetry devices and so become the market leader in home electronics, medical, medical electronics product development high reliability has been the focus of attention as a history of 27 years supply of power supply module manufacturers Globtek John Song from the perspective of power supply module analyzes the ideas and strategies to create high-reliability medical electronics products.
1 What are the opportunities of the Chinese manufacturers in the field of medical electronics? Could some suggestions are given on the reliability of the design of medical electronics?
John Song: huge populous emerging market demand for medical devices, while the various governments and institutions with limited budgets, stable performance, affordable medical devices would be welcome. China's labor and intellectual costs still have advantages, should have a place in the small and medium-sized medical devices on the market. Product reliability, or other aspects of R & D personnel is of primary importance. How to attract talent, personnel training and the efficient use of personnel, ability to introduce the key to an outstanding product.
2, the development of medical electronics market prospects? Rapid development which market segments?
John Song: While the global economy in recent years is in the doldrums, the medical electronics market is still developing rapidly, with increasing emphasis on health, medical electronics market will be a brighter future. The rapid development of electronic technology to the diagnosis, treatment, and biochemical analysis has brought more likely, thus contributing to the upgrading of medical equipment, image classes, for example, ultrasound, X-Ray, of MRI, CT and so on. With special reference to home medical equipment, with the health care system reform and social development, home care is becoming increasingly popular, small home health care products will be promising.