More vegetables
The hot pot seasoning not only meat, fish and animal offal, such as food, also has put in more vegetables. Vegetables are a lot of vitamins and chlorophyll, the multi-biased cold, not only to get rid of greasy supplement the summer due to sweating human vitamin deficiencies, as well as cool, detoxification, to the role of the fire, put the vegetables do not for a long time to cook.
2 put some tofu
Tofu is a soy products containing gypsum appropriate to put the tofu in the pot, not only to supplement the trace elements, but also play a plaster heat purging fire, Chufan thirst quencher.
3 plus some lotus
White Lotus is not only rich in a variety of nutrient factors, the human body tune up medicine. Pot appropriate to participate in the White Lotus, this meat and vegetables combine to contribute to the balanced nutrients, good for health, participation of the White Lotus is best not to smoke abandoned the lotus, the lotus heart of pure heart and purging fire.
4 a cup of tea
This is not only solvable tired clear the mouth, but also a clear fire effect. After eating meat and fish pot, not advisable to drink tea, to prevent the tannic acid in tea with protein, affecting the absorption of nutrient materials and constipation.
Eat more fruits and 5
Generally speaking, after thirty or forty minutes to eat hot pot, eat some fruit. Fruit cool, there is a good fire extinction.