The type of server is out of a mid-range servers, and generally support more symmetric dual CPU processor architecture, with complete hardware configuration, such as disk arrays, storage bays. Is most characteristic of departmental servers, in addition to all servers in the workgroup server features, also integrates extensive monitoring and management circuit, with a full range of server management capabilities, can be monitored such as temperature, voltage, fans, chassis, and other state parameters, combined with standard server management software to enable managers to keep abreast of the status of the server. The same time, most departmental servers with excellent scalability to meet the user when the volume of business increases rapidly online upgrade system to fully protect the user's investment. It is dispersed in the enterprise network the basic data acquisition unit with the highest level of data center to maintain the smooth connectivity necessary link, usually the first choice for medium-sized enterprises can also be used in finance, telecommunications and other industries. Departmental servers generally use IBM, SUN and HP respective CPU chip, these chips are generally RISC architecture, the operating system is generally the UNIX family of operating systems, has been widely applied in the LINUX also departmental servers. Departmental servers can be connected to computer users around the 100, apply to the higher processing speed and system reliability, small and medium-sized enterprise networks, the hardware configuration is relatively high, and its reliability is higher than the work group server, of course, its The prices are higher (typically the sum of about five high-performance PC price). Such servers require installation of more parts, so the chassis is usually large, using the rack.

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