fitness center programs
The aforementioned
A hotel is set purpose of the Fitness Center
Two hotels set up several key issues of the fitness center
1 investment budget
2 Planning and Design
3 management
Four fitness areas of environmental requirements
5 prevention and treatment of sports injuries
6 facilities for equipment maintenance
Three with the requirements of the specifications, the number of fitness facilities is an important part of the standard of the hotel rating star
Three-star restaurants, hotels require Fitness scope of the project have

Four fitness programs, equipment development trends
Five other questions

The hotel fitness center full solution

The hotel industry is a development fast, maturing industry. Different geographical and cultural unremitting transformation of innovation, steeped in the colorful culture of the hotel; years of business management skills to explore the achievements of the hotel industry standards and excellent personalized service standards. At present, the international competitive situation and the application of advanced interconnect technology will enable the international hotel industry a special cultural connotation, consistent standards of play to the extreme - the brand new moon made effective sophisticated, and adhere to people-centered.
Shenzhen Good Family Co., founded in 1994, is China's production and sales of fitness equipment leader in the field. 2001 National Bureau of Statistics: good household products market share of the first, a good family product sales first in the country, good household products market sales nationwide. In international operations, a good family also made a remarkable record, its agents, famous international brands, such as the top U.S. brand NORDICTRACK, well-known brands TRUE, PREEMOTION, KEISER, POWERJOB, Germany, UK's top brands, brand gym80, Taiwan SPORTSART such as its excellent value for money to become the first choice of commercial fitness, hotels, clubs and other fitness field equipment.
Good Family Sports project is to provide a comprehensive supplier of commercial fitness equipment and sports facilities and service providers. We will be comprehensive, advanced cognitive concepts, planning and design principles to "respect the overall fashion local, people-oriented, emphasis on efficiency," a wealth of planning and design experience to provide the industry with a full range of consulting services and customized for your professional fitness center solutions.

A hotel is set purpose of the Fitness Center
A fitness center is an important supporting facilities of the hotel. It rich hotel service functions and improve the added value of the hotel, the hotel's overall image, business development, play a positive role in promoting.
The two hotel fitness programs to support customer satisfaction and identity of the hotel.
Three special fitness programs are a core component of the characteristics of hotel brands.
4 with the requirements of the specifications, the number of fitness facilities is an important part of the standard of the hotel rating star
5 fitness center with good profitability.
After all that, the profits or to create the conditions for profit, is the real purpose of the hotel set up fitness programs.

Two hotels set up several key issues of the fitness center
1 investment budget
The hotel set up a fitness center, the trade has reached a consensus. Due to the different environment, the system faced its own resources, service objectives, and even the preferences of the owners, their own understanding of different, resulting in the difference set by the hotel fitness programs at home and abroad. Furthermore, the fitness programs of the hotel industry investment capital amount of the total investment ratio there is a big difference.
We believe that the hotel set up fitness programs should investors full control of the market demand, taking into account the full use of facilities and has a perfect management system support.
2 planning, design
The hotel set up a fitness center, in the planning and design should pay attention to the following questions:
① respecting the choice of overall fitness programs based on the needs of the target market should strictly follow the overall design style of the hotel. Optional facilities, equipment varieties, specifications to meet the star standard hotel.
② local concise fashion, and a bright overall layout, green and humane design is a popular trend of fitness field. Hotels in the planning and design should take into account this factor.
③ Most hotels are people-oriented fitness programs are supporting the project as a hotel, to support customer satisfaction and identity of the hotel. It is an important measure taken by the hotel customer care needs. In project planning and design, the hotel should pay attention to the rational and effective utilization of the project.
The ④ emphasis on efficiency characteristics fitness project signboard of the hotel, and is an important source of revenue of the hotel; conventional fitness programs have income-generating capacity in the future, it will be the hotel profitable and an important component of earnings to create the conditions.
3 operation, management
Outside the hotel management system to support the operation of the fitness center, management also has the typical characteristics of the project.
Fitness center project features:
① interaction strong guests in the fitness center consumption, requiring program guidance, technical guidance, security details, service personnel will be more involved in the consumption process of the guests. This requires that the fitness center to create a relatively open, relaxed business management environment.
② personalized service for each guest physical fitness, personal preferences, personal requirements and different understanding of the project, it requires that service personnel can provide personalized service. Members and old customers, attention to detail of personalized service can win their sense of belonging and a sense of accomplishment.
The ③ demonstrate the vitality is not only a fashion, will also be a community will never be the subject. Fitness center operation and management to create an active, healthy and positive atmosphere, is one of the main measures of the hotel future development of the market.
④ are highly specialized that it requires service personnel to have the professional knowledge and skills of fitness programs, and enforce strict operating procedures.
The fitness center the traditional management model should be according to their characteristics of the project, make the appropriate adjustments and improve the supporting role to make it play better efficacy.
Four fitness areas of environmental requirements
① to ensure the smooth flow of fresh air to have in the planning design and construction of the fitness areas of technical considerations; in the fitness center business should pay attention to it.
② suitable temperature requirements between 15 degrees to 25 degrees Celsius.
(3) lighting design requires bright.
④ with compatible audio-visual equipment and fitness environment.
5 prevention and treatment of sports injuries
Fitness center project in use there will be some unexpected problems. With the requirements of a professional coach, professional training of service personnel and physicians.
To avoid injury in the sport, fitness center should be:
① First, coaches should be the situation for the customer to design a simple or detailed fitness program and fitness.
② in the customer to use the fitness facilities or coaches to assist in the completion of movement, must be in strict accordance with the correct operating procedures for operating fitness equipment. Sports overload, lack of concentration, the facility operator is not correct, and often lead to sports injuries.
③ on a regular basis (weekly) inspection, maintenance facilities and equipment. At the same time, maintain the facilities-building, effective communication of the equipment supply side is necessary.
Handling of the accidental injury:
Staff requirements of (1) hotel fitness center equipped with the knowledge of the general damage and drugs.
② abrasions, contusions, sprains, bumps is a common thing in fitness activities, such a situation should be promptly disinfected, bandaged; heavier damage or customer requirements, should be promptly sent to hospital for treatment.
③ For heavier damage may occur, such as fractures, severe body contusion, spinal injury, the staff should remain calm, should promptly call the 120 emergency telephone; not at liberty to move or flip the injured body or local, should make the injury The situation of persons out of danger and a simple the hemostatic processing and dressing.
④ patients with cardiovascular disease would like to use the project should be clearly prompted.
6 facilities for equipment maintenance
The fitness center should better understand the master and the proper use of facilities, equipment, methods of operation. The correct use is the best maintenance.
At the same time, the hotel maintenance department should be able to grasp the facility equipment repair and maintenance methods, and the support of the construction and vendors.

Three requirements with the corresponding quantity, the specifications of the fitness facilities is an important part of the standard of the hotel rating star
The three-star hotel, restaurant or hotel requires with Fitness scope of the project:
Chess and card room;
Indoor swimming pool (surface area of ​​at least 40 square meters);
The outdoor swimming pool (surface area of ​​at least 100 square meters);
Tennis courts;
Bowling room (at least 4);
Climbing exercise room;
Squash courts;
Billiard room;
Multifunctional integrated fitness massage;
Golf driving range;
Golf Course (9 holes);
Table tennis room;
Skating rink;
Outdoor ski resort;
If you want to understand the assessment standards in each project, please visit the professional forum "Good family hotel health online, Moderator will give you a satisfactory answer.

Four fitness programs, equipment development trends
The development of an international health project increasingly globalized, indoor fitness steady growth, the rapid development of outdoor exercise.
Some excellent traditional local fitness culture are respected and have been promoted.
Three international fitness equipment is increasingly brand and globalization.
With advanced technology, materials, equipment used and design improvements, the popular fitness equipment increasingly feature-rich.

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