four season fitness to prevent colds Notes:
The cold is a common disease. Flu prevention is better than cure. Prevention focus should be on the daily life care.
First, pay attention to the living. When the body is cold, respiratory vascular contraction, reduced blood supply to be reduced, the local antibody, will take advantage of pathogenic microorganisms.
Second, do not fatigue. Because of weaker immune function, less resistance.
Third, to avoid mental stress and sorrow. Medical experts found that mental stress or sentimental, reduced local immunity.
Fourth, the ground drying bedding. Bedding on body evaporation of sweat and grease impregnated damp, bacteria and viruses is easy to reproductive growth. Often drying bedding, one by means of ultraviolet rays in sunlight kill the bacteria and viruses, the two can make bedding dry, soft, good for the prevention of colds.
Five wash their hands. Many people believe that colds are transmitted due to inhalation of patients exhaled gases. In fact, is mainly transmitted by contact transmission is cold. When flu patients touch rub his nose, his hands stained with the cold virus, these viruses will be taken to patient contact, such as door handles, telephones, tables, chairs and car armrests, healthy hand Once exposed to these pollutants, the hands will be contaminated with virus, seldom wash their hands easily caught a cold.
Six, often for the toothbrush. We use the toothbrush, almost always in a wet state, this is the best hotbed for the growth of bacteria and viruses. In order to prevent a cold, it is recommended that regular replacement of toothbrushes, and scalded with boiling water on a regular basis a hot.
Sooner or later massage. Often friction to the bridge of the nose gently with your fingers can be effective, each up and down 19 times or feel slightly hot so far, can make a cold decrease the incidence of nose ventilation when using this method immediately.
, Hot water, rubbing the ears. Night wash your face with hot towels, rub the ears, gently rubbing the double auricle 40 times up and down, to prevent colds with good effect.
Nine, cold water wash hot water feet. Throughout the year to adhere to the cold water wash of the few people suffering from cold feet in hot water before sleep can help improve the body resistance to disease, to prevent colds.
Ten, strengthening exercises. Can enhance blood circulation, improve physical fitness, improve immune function

The winter season, cold pressing, the physiological activity of the human body needs more heat to maintain. Chinese medicine believes that the winter should be the potential of the human body yang, that is, the body's physiological activity is somewhat restrained due to the impact of winter climate characteristics, and some energy is stored in the body, that the coming year, "Chunsheng Xia long do well prepared. At the same time, but also have enough energy to maintain the expenditure of more winter heat, high health body's resistance to disease.

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