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The NBA officially announced the full schedule for the 11-12 season shut down and shrink. Each team still will be 66 regular season games, all regular season games from December 25 at 3:00 pm U.S. time. War, until April 26 all over, a total of 990 games. Time in the United States February 24 to 26 All-Star Game will be held in Orlando, organized by the All-Star Game on February 26, U.S. time.
The new war of the regular season scheduled for December 25, December 26 Beijing time. The first game went to the Madison Square Garden to challenge the New York Knicks Boston Celtics, game time is 12:00, in Beijing on the 26th at midnight 0 point. On this day the other four games are the Miami Heat away to the Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Lakers vs. Chicago, vs. Oklahoma City Thunder home to battle the Golden State Warriors, Orlando Magic and Los Angeles Clippers away. This day is a local Christmas in previous years, the NBA regular season game Japan and China the highest ratings of the day, the NBA start ratings will thus usher in a good place to start.
Starting from December 26, U.S. time, the first day of appearance of 20 teams will have to take to the track. A total of 12 games, in addition to the Celtics, Heat, Knicks and Clippers, the first day of the race including the Lakers, including six other teams on this day the race the next day. The Utah Jazz and Atlanta Hawks this season appearance at the latest, they will play their own game time in the United States on December 27.
This season due to schedule requirements compact, so all the teams will meet for three consecutive days to play three games to the schedule, the Lakers is the first three consecutive days, the team played three games in 25 and Bulls clash away to the Sacramento Kings, and then again back to the home game against the Utah Jazz, which the body will bear a greater burden for the older players. The last two days to the schedule of this season is quite compact, April 25, a total of nine games on the 26th, a total of 13 games.
Union had announced in mid-July, when former NBA 11-12 season schedule, but both sides were unable to reach an agreement and cause the league to shut down the original schedule of deletions and changes, and then until now the new labor agreement forthcoming when we come to announce the updated schedule. NBA official and the team should be very clear before the loss of the team 16 games, the losses caused by the need to make up for the wonderful performance by the excellent operation of the team and players.

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