four season monaghan
"The Lord of the Rings" series, Ilya Wu Desheng innocent eyes so that people do not recognize the existence of less than Dominic Monaghan, in itself may not look like plus on weekdays in the slovenly, but also let you think This star is a little "bad". On him, you see less than Hollywood's unique aura of the envy of everyone, even the "Sunshine", "health", "vitality" these minimum terms are reluctant to contact him together. Pair of ordinary shell, but it is an honest, humorous, imaginative soul, slightly upturned nose showing secular tireless and natural materials proud. Whether you think how strange, lonely, varied, but he did not want to change anything, still you think that hiding in a dark corner, in the dim streetlight.
Dominic Monaghan was born in 1976 in Berlin, an ordinary family, father, Austin Monaghan, is a teacher, mother, Maureen, a nurse, ranks second in the Commonwealth of Dominica, a senior he year-old brother, Matthew Monahan, the childhood life of Dominique cozy happiness, in addition to parents' favor, brother Dominique care. Dominica 12 years old, his family moved to Britain to start a new life. Dominique England Stowe g 波特圣安妮, R. C graduated from high school, went to the northern England city of Stockport Aquinas Church College, the next six years, Dominica majoring in English literature , drama and geography and other subjects. Before launching his film career, Dominic has worked in many occupations, including classified workers in the UK Post Office, also in Manchester 迪德伯里昆 West hotel is done cooking teacher.
Dominica just in time for the global boom of the "Star Wars" six years old when he indulged in "Star Wars" has thus become a movie lovers. Aquinas Church school, the encouragement of his family, naturally lively, outgoing, Dominique decided to fulfill their dream boarded the screen, and within four weeks to participate in three TV series, "Heidi Winthrop survey "(Hetty Wainthropp Investigates) audition, and eventually he won the role of" Geoff ". By virtue of this hit TV series dedicated to the performance of the four seasons, Dominica became well-known British actors. Next, Pa in the TV series he starred in a series of "Yorkshire Hunter" (This Is the Personal: The Hunt, for the the Yorkshire Ripper is) and Nenad you (of Monsignor Renard) have caused quite a stir. Thus, Dominica became the new generation of actors on the screen active high.
1997 can be said that Dominica's lucky, he was honored to be director David Dory (David Drury) as "Sasha" corner of the fancy, in the movies "submarine" (Hostile Waters), the 21-year-old The big boys take the officially set foot on the big screen.
The fate of the Commonwealth of Dominica and the movie "Lord of the Rings" in his childhood seems to have been doomed. Father gave him his 15th birthday when one of the "Lord of the Rings" novels, and told Dominique read in half a year, so Dominique During this time the "Lord of the Rings" to read it twice, it is The birthday gift, Dominique participated in today called the silver screen classic "The Lord of the Rings" audition confident weight.

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