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Young people - to promote sweating movement
[The medical summary] young people's body functions in the heyday, heart rate, lung capacity, bone sensitivity and elasticity, etc. to achieve the best point. Also "mountain air" but "take eat, this period should also pay attention and exercise, body reserves" health resources ", but speaking from a sports medicine point of view, this period of lack of exercise is more than physical activity high on the body adversely.
[Planning Principles] good ability of young people in the body, can be any form of exercise, the key is to increase the exercise intensity.
[Annual plan] should be used in action, speed and aerobic exercise, or the intensity of large muscle exercise program and a fierce competitive events.
Spring: running, football, football athletic and strong, intense exercise, consume a large amount of heat, but also exercise a stubborn struggle of the will, very suitable for young people;
Summer: swimming when it is selected, this is a whole body movement, can exercise the muscles, limb blood at the same time due to the role of water easy to return to the heart make the heart contract more forcefully, to increase the flexibility of the vessel wall;
Autumn and winter: the main body and muscle training, the development of muscle strength, promoting metabolism, girls dressing the body curve.
[Fitness tips] young people, sport is the most important is to ensure that the intensity of exercise, after each exercise should be a sweat, and feel tired, but after a short break can be eased. Young people in sport is relatively severe, you should note that pre-exercise warm-up, so as not to pull a muscle or ligament.
[Target] body becomes more firm, and strengthen your muscles, trim body, reserve physical.
Middle-aged man - sports perseverance
[] People to middle-aged medical summary, the dual pressures of work and life makes it difficult breathing, often in a healthy condition. At the same time, the body is also in transition, from the pinnacle of life slowly toward aging, endocrine system disorders, and male testes and female ovarian function gradually diminishes, while the reduction in estrogen secretion, but also affect women on calcium the absorption of osteoporosis.
Effectively delay the planning principles through the movement of the above symptoms, full cardio, aerobic exercise should be a middle-aged ideal form of exercise.
[Annual planning spring: to outdoor jogging or playing tennis, running can be regarded as the gold movement can enhance blood circulation, improve the brain's blood supply and oxygen supply of brain cells, reducing cerebral arteriosclerosis, but also effective in stimulating the metabolism, increase energy expenditure contribute to weight loss and fitness;
Summer: swimming or yoga, the human body in the summer, a very high flexibility, muscle strain is not easy to sprain a good time to practice yoga, but yoga people peace of mind can soothe irritable mood for summer;
Autumn: the most suitable sport is cycling or mountain climbing, hiking on the one hand can effectively improve the situation of middle-aged osteoporosis, pulmonary ventilation and vital capacity increase, enhance blood circulation, cerebral blood flow, while in autumn the climate on the human body physiological function are also some special benefits;
Winter: the most suitable for indoor sports, such as playing badminton, bowling, playing badminton, but also the most effective prevention and treatment of frozen shoulder in addition to sports body, playing each action to maximize the movement shoulder.
[Fitness tips] middle-aged people should ensure that a sufficient amount of exercise, the duration can be longer, but should not be too intense, and most important thing in middle-aged man who insisted that should ensure the opportunity to exercise three times a week, weekend centralized exercise is not desirable, it will only make people more dynamic and more tired.
[Target] to improve the health situation of recovery from fatigue, reduce stress, maintain a strong energy.

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