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Shortly after the end of the six "war, the Soviet Union asked the United Nations Secretary-General to convene an emergency meeting of the UN General Assembly. Although the United States and the Soviet Union on the United Nations General Assembly against each other, but in order to control the struggle against the invasion of the Arab countries, the two superpowers, forcing according to the Security Council decision to send United Nations observers stationed in the Suez Canal area to supervise the ceasefire. June 23-25​​, 2009, the United States, the Soviet Union and China in New York and Washington glassboro held a summit meeting between the two countries. Khrushchev stepped down after the United States, the Soviet Union and China held the first summit meeting. During the talks, the Soviet Union insisted that the Israeli forces should withdraw to the war before the cease-fire line. Johnson asked the status of the Arab countries maintain that Israel has occupied large swathes of territory. Legitimate two countries began talks on June 23, Israel's parliament, despite the protests of the United Nations, even through the merger of the resolution of Jerusalem, the Arab region. And the United States agree to these regions to merge. Therefore, the United States, the Soviet Union and China summit meeting, in addition to the parties acknowledge that the Israeli presence in the Middle East is legitimate this agreement, the discussion of the Middle East issue is not to make any progress. Later, eight Arab Heads of State on August 28 in slightly Shimu meeting decided not to recognize Israel not to negotiate or sign a peace treaty and it held. Merge the question of Jerusalem for Israel, the meeting insisted that the non-recognition.

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