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About the College of OB business

Rowan University's commercial projects registered by the Association to promote the School of Business (AACSB International). Business success of the program in order to achieve this prestigious recognition, that quality-related courses, faculty, admissions, degree requirements, facilities, financial resources and intellectual climate of standards, a wide range of

Rowan's business plan business administration general, comprehensive education and emphasis on the development of skills such as communications, computer and teamwork settings. Graduates received the scientific and business administration or accounting degree. Rowan Business Administration (MBA) postgraduate programs, although the master.

Business project has three main components: general education, business administration core curriculum, and conducted in-depth specialization.


Rowan University Business School authorized Rohrer's students to compete and succeed in their careers responsible.

The College of Business Administration Rohrer quality of teaching, scholarship support, their highest priority.
Rowan University's undergraduate business courses in the liberal arts grounding, focus on good business practices, and provide opportunities for students to experience-based learning.
Rowan University's graduate business courses to provide different areas of professional and academic backgrounds of contemporary graduate business education, outstanding knowledge, skills and career development needs.
Rohrer College of the whole business of universities and regional social, to promote the entrepreneurial spirit of cooperation in accordance with a center of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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