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Rowan University was founded in 1923. Located in the heart of Southern New Jersey - glassboro city in the U.S. capital Washington DC and New York. Initially as a two-year teacher colleges and specialized training in South New Jersey secondary school teachers, to four in 1937 and renamed the New Jersey State Teachers College, later developed into a comprehensive university. 1958 changed its name to the glassboro State College. Due to its unique strategic position in 1967, U.S. President Lyndon Johnson and the former Soviet Union Conference of Ministers of Xi Kexi gold in the school, Holly Bush House held a summit meeting between the two countries, so that the school world-renowned. In 1992, industrialist Henry • Rowan for the school donation of one hundred million dollars, his only condition is: "to create first-class Institute of Technology". 1997 the school changed its name to Rowan University. After ten years of effort, they realized the wish of Mr. Luo Wen. Rowan University has a graduate school, and six schools (School of Business, College of Communication, Education, Engineering, Arts and the University of Arts). Students in a million, with 42 undergraduate majors and 19 graduate degree-granting, 38 master's and doctoral professional. In recent years, Rowan University, with its high quality teaching, appropriate charges truly. Us News & World Report U.S. News & World Report magazine as the United States, "the northern part of first-class university." Kaplan Kaplan called "one of the 320 most unique universities in the world. The Kiplinger Ji Park forest, "Journal of Finance will be included in one of the 100 most valuable University. August 18, 2006, "U.S. News & World Report magazine in the" America's Best Colleges rankings to be listed as a regional first-class universities. Newsweek, / Kaplan Newsweek and Kaplan, "The Education Guide to Rowan University is known as the" hidden treasures ". Rowan University in the northern United States 165 College, Master of Education ranked 26, including a comprehensive university, including undergraduate and graduate education ranked 33. In addition, Rowan University ranked third in the public universities of the northern United States. Although only a six-year history of the Rowan University College of Engineering, ranked 20 in the nation's undergraduate engineering department of education, the hospital in chemical engineering ranked third. Senior students, more than half of the people before they can graduate to find full-time work or plan to enter the Graduate School. Rowan University graduates in short supply, 95 percent of college graduates within a year can find their counterparts in the work or to enter graduate school. Under a specific agreement, as recommended by the Rowan University students, 99 percent successfully enter medical school and law school post-graduate. To campus recruitment companies, including Fortune 500 members and local large companies including: Lockheed - Martin, the UK Prudential Group, Bank of America, Towers Perrin, U.S. Wyeth, and so on.

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