Four Seasons Health Care (Taobao shop) was established on March 30, 2010, is a beauty and slimming products for the development of a starting point, set the promotion, operations, sales of integrated network marketing enterprises. The main products of the operators: S America thin paste (South Korea), Angel the dysmenorrhea posted (national patent), Kang patch (U.S.) and many other excellent products. The company has strong capital strength, strong customer service team, familiar with the operational capabilities, superb technical support capabilities, and extremely user-friendly customer service capabilities.
Four seasons health care staff not only have high academic qualifications and extensive practical experience, and with endless creativity and cohesion as one of the team spirit of cooperation, adhering to "walk the talk, only to recognize merit, Yan has wide, the courage to assume responsibility, hard work the pursuit of excellence, endless, "the giant spirit of dedicated commitment to providing the public with the highest quality health products and services for the public to create a new, healthy way of health care.

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