a four seasons the home health
"Upon by the Yellow Emperor: The Four Seasons health wisdom" does not tell the reader how to communicate in this regard, each reader has its own appropriate way, the Yellow Emperor by the by: Four Seasons health wisdom "to convey to their readers is: a topic and a platform. This topic is that we are highly concerned about the "health". Increased dramatically due to the increase of working pressure, the pace of life, coupled with overeating, lack of exercise, so the young people in the body often in the health status; elderly patients suffering from hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and other ; the nutritional status of minors in China can not be overlooked, "love" of poor nutrition structure, child obesity, precocious puberty and other conditions. Therefore, the family's health, according to age, gender, and the different seasons, respectively, care. "Yellow Emperor by by: Four Seasons health wisdom" just to meet this requirement, the Yellow Emperor by the by: Four Seasons health wisdom "is to good home health books, four from the elderly, middle-aged women, middle-aged men, young people ages were introduced to the different seasons of the health care knowledge, content-rich, popular language, lively, health knowledge and real life are linked closely together.
This platform is a "health class" we did not expect three generations living under one roof.
"Yellow Emperor by by: Four Seasons health wisdom" there is a major characteristic is to Saturday as a summary of the week and the classroom, through common supervision of the family to discuss, identify family members this week to promote the full the purpose of the health of their families. Perhaps in the classroom, you suddenly discovered that all communication easier harmonious.
By reading this book, I believe readers will get an unexpected harvest!

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