membership of a four seasons "sailed for 20 days, succeeded in crossing the equator, dodging a few cyclones, smoothly across the westerlies, and finally came to the Antarctic Circle to see the world of snow and ice, looked around the vast expanse of whiteness, bulk patchwork of sea ice, the bow occasionally came the sound of ice impact, speed dropped to about 10, a smooth line. "Yesterday, Zhejiang Wanli University, Dr. Xiong Shangling from the" Snow Dragon "polar expedition on board to the e-mail diary.

October 11, China's 26th Antarctic scientific expedition team take the "Snow Dragon" from Shanghai, 251 players will be for a period of about 180 days of the inspection, prepare to return to Shanghai on April 10, 2010. The expedition, "Snow Dragon" has been to the Antarctic Great Wall Station and Zhongshan Station, and the expedition personnel and material contained in the Kunlun station to reach the edge of Antarctica, the voyage is expected to more than 30,000 sea miles.

Zhejiang Wanli University, School of Biological and Environmental Dr. Xiong Shangling, Zhejiang Province, only one university teachers participated in the expedition. Beginning in 2007, Zhejiang Wanli University apply for and bear the Amanda Bay ASPA168 Antarctic Specially Protected Areas countermeasure research projects of the Specially Protected Areas in China's Zhongshan Station in the northeast at 22 km to the emperor penguin as the main object of protection. The emperor penguin is the symbol of the Antarctic, but also because the existing small number were classified as Antarctic Specially Protected animals. Visit to the South Pole, Xiong Shangling study focused on the ecology of Emperor penguins disease prevention and protected areas.

Ride forward to the Antarctic "Snow Dragon" so far, one month Xiongshang Ling experienced a rapid transformation of the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. The end of last month, the restaurant of the ship, put up a few orange paper to let the players fill out the latitude, which is the practice on board the "guess the tip of the activities". "Snow Dragon" through the westerlies into the ice floes District, will be able to, and icebergs meet. Who wrote the latitude and the first icebergs actual latitude closest is the winner. With expectations, many people fill out the own conjecture latitude.

November 1, Xiong Shangling cabin listening to an old team to talk about his polar expedition experience, suddenly heard the voice of the captain's radio: "Now the tip of the starboard boat was found 700 meters, the latitude is 61 ° 17'5 . " "A sudden, we all flock to the deck, eager to witness the journey of the expedition's first iceberg." If longer near point enough. On the deck, for the first time to participate in polar research, Dr. Xiong said excitedly. Xiongshang Ling quickly get the camera a few shots from a distance, photo effects, not very satisfied with the evening, the expedition on board announced guess the tip of the winners . Xiongshang Ling won the second, he had written 61 ° 18'18 ".

Xiongshang Ling portrays the players cheered when crossing the equator in the mail, after the waves of the Coral Sea, via Christchurch, New Zealand, peace and quiet, through the fear and looking forward to when the westerly wind belt, did not mention the shock and difficulties. Leadership to see them off when entrusted to the wishes of friends and family still fresh in our memory, encouraged me to overcome everything in this world of ice! "Xiongshang Ling wrote in an email.

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