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Milk hot weather but also pathogenic fire
Summer sweating more than the energy consumption large, generally there will be varying degrees of weight loss, on the one hand, the summer heat, the other hand, the nutritional supplement is also important. Loss of nutrients in summer too fast, not easy to absorb; tonic and easy to get angry, summer tonic to a balanced diet, cooling a goal as a precondition, not eating dry sex tonic. Did you know that a small cup of milk not only to achieve the purpose of fortification, as well as summer heat efficacy.
TCM: milk, sweet natured, the effect of the animate body fluid, "diarrhea stomach fire, the Governance heat", and "facilitate underwater gas system for various wind-heat." As we all know, green beans have the effect of lowering the summer. Soybean and mung bean as the raw material made of "refreshing bean drink, the more Qingre, the effect of the throat and thirst. Rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, often drinking a balanced human nutrition, and adjust the endocrine system, will certainly help to lower cholesterol, reduce arteriosclerosis, hypertension, and liver.
Next, introduce a milk: lily, lotus seed paste.
Ingredients: 10 grams of lily, lotus seeds 10 grams of meat, Tremella 10 grams; 45 grams of green beans, rock sugar or honey to taste.
Method: lily and lotus seeds dry meat with warm water and soak to become soft; open Tremella water hair wash picking into small pieces; green beans soak fully clean with lilies, lotus seeds, white fungus, cleaning, put together Soymilk nets cup body into the amount of water, the machine in place. Start the machine, and ten minutes later, red dates, lotus seeds, soy milk well. According to personal preferences while still hot sugar or honey and stir well to cup the body transferred to Serve.
Heatstroke sets of special populations
Lu summer approaches, a lot of resistance to poor people, such as: infants, pregnant women, old and weak in the high temperature environment as soon as they are inattentive heat stroke, rescue is not in a timely manner may result in tragedy. Therefore, in hot weather, these special populations should take measures to prevent heat stroke.
Infants and young children: should wear a thin cotton unlined, and sweat to be immediately wiped away, as far as possible without fans or air conditioners. Should choose to go out playing in the water Fragrance free sun protection factor of less than 15 sunscreen wipe. Indoor and outdoor temperature is not too big, the room temperature of not less than 25 ℃. The air-conditioned room is best to put a pot of water to avoid drying.
Pregnant women: clothing, cool, spacious, eat more fresh vegetables, fresh soy products; often scrubbed with warm water, do not bath; Do not because too Tanliang while cold occur, in addition to ensure sleep.
Old and weak: to ensure that not less than seven hours of sleep a day, adjust your diet to protect the spleen and stomach, do not eat spicy food to eat light food; days Rehan and more, so replenishment is very important, every day should add at least 2,500 ml of water.
Once heat stroke occur, we must first move away from high-temperature environment. 40% concentration of alcohol or warm water to clean the body, and placed in the forehead, armpits and groin vascular superficial ice pack. If there is high fever, coma, convulsions and other serious condition, should be sent to hospital.

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