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Sun Ssu-diet regimen of view
Sun Ssu-diet flavors, meat taboo to do a full exposition. He said: "food flavors such as shalt not violent anger, and more is God scared flying Night's Dream; each food is not heavy meat, hi a thousand diseases; often have less carnivorous, more within our means, and less Potamogeton vegetables, and Wu Shi lettuce, uncooked rice, red beans, smelly things; do not drink liquor noodle, so that stomatal plug; Wu Shi raw, Shangwei,, all the meat is subject to boiled, starved of food Bi when the mouth a few times, makes teeth unbeaten chewing gum. "vegetarian diet good for your body, less carnivorous beneficial to health has been the affirmation of the ancient and modern health scientist. Sun Ssu eating raw meat, harmful effects on the human body a concise exposition, dietary prohibitions, dietary bogey, to develop good eating habits, to longevity, longevity, as the long. "Diet to bring up, when Shen-off, Sun Ssu that diets have in the methods section, there are degrees. The diet should not be too hasty and do not devoured, chewed, in order to know the flavors, and the Five Elements. Not after every meal, sit that is, lying can not be that big move to laugh ... to eat Bimo belly. "," Very Notice tune body massage, shaking limb Road Guidance on gas ". Rice until Pingdan snacks, that is, since the friction with hot hands belly, out of fifty or sixty steps of the court line, the message of ". "Drunken Wu Shi hot food Bimo belly in addition to diseases, hot food to break a bone, cold, lung injury, heat without burning lips, cold ice-free teeth. Food completed the line-step hesitant longevity, food not big words, big full blood closed. "diet, do not do strenuous exercise, it can not Daxitaibei should slow digestion; not advisable to drink plenty of water after eating, you should drink plenty of water in the Moroccan belly a few minutes before. "Fresh graduates Moroccan belly in addition to diseases, hunger and avoid bath, avoid saturated Mu Mu finished to be a bit of food and drink are out. Sun reality concludes that "Notice the bogey on 1 evening no satiation; day bogey, dark drunk; avoid the one-year-old Mo-free travel; for life the bogey twilight candle intercourse." Health principles.
Sun Ssu diet regimen discussed with special emphasis on the four seasons health. Divided the year into four seasons of the dietary modification and nutritional supplements. Him from the March of the spring, summer and March in March, autumn, winter and March, the Four Seasons health are discussed. Spring in March, what we called Fat Chan, the world is all students, things to Wing ...... summer March, what we called Fan show, world gas pay, all things Chinese real ... autumn in March, what we called the tolerance level, the weather, he said: anxious, to air out ...... winter March, what we called the closed reservoir, the water ice to crack ... the days of seasons five elements to the growth of the collection, summer and winter dampness and wind, there are five internal organs, into five gas Health and joy, anger, sadness, anxiety or fear. "corresponding to the characteristics of the five internal organs, the Four Seasons, its health tonic is very different. Sun Ssu emergency preparedness daughter to party ", said:" five mortals spring clothing Xiaoxuming Tang, Ji Zhu complement scattered each one; three of the summer heat, clothing kidney Lek soup; autumn clothes astragalus and other pills twelve ; winter medication wine twenty-three, Beginning Day only. "Taoist Five Elements family spring wood Wang, the primary liver and gallbladder; summer Huowang, the main heart and brain; fall Jin Wang, the main lung; winter Shuiwang The main lumbar kidney; Midsummer soil, the main stomach. Different seasons, there should be changes in the dietary modification flavors: "Spring Moon less acid Yi Shi Gan winter months should be bitter should not be salty, Xia Xin should be less bitter monthly increase, Choo Shin-save, but to teach acid; quarter months less salty sweet ring slightly natural five internal organs security and peace. "he will be four seasons, the five elements, five organs, five flavors correspond to the changing seasons and flavors, corresponding to the five organs of the diet tonic conditioning, to achieve the purpose of health.
Sun Ssu live in summing up the four seasons health approach, the compatibility of different foods and edible method, time effects, research, and personal practice, and personally verify its effectiveness. Illnesses and disease prevention, diet and disease prevention, diet to disease is also an important part of Sun Ssu diet regimen, such as clothing Huang Jing Fang point is "Where the mining Polygonatum required to seedlings in the next section, peeled one by one every two days , 10, served four serving eight on the 20th, the empty stomach of the service destination shall not gargle more than diet Hundred Days, 200-day illness, two four-body to reconcile not eat meat and wine Wu Xin butter have to eat rice Mi porridge light food. Sun Ssu think: "seasons five elements to the growth of the collection, to summer and winter dampness and wind. There are five internal organs, into five gas, raw joy, anger, grief, especially fear. Gas so the joy, anger, hurt, cold and heat injury-shaped; rage Shangyin Commotion hurt yang. Therefore, joy, anger, section, cold and heat loss degree, students are not solid. Timely, proactive support, it may be exempted from its tender is really regrettable that also. Sun live according to the human body the change of seasons, to take the Four Seasons features of good health.
Taoism does not advocate drinking, that "alcohol loss Goodness, but Taoism is not opposed to medical illness tone for wine," Peace "drinking" less drinker, section line, to reconcile the gas, do not damage the spirit of Do not guilty of all evil. " Ming Li also said: wine, world Milo face song of wine, drink less then the profit blood gas, strong God, to keep out the cold, eliminate natural Qianxing, the swig exhausting consumption of blood, damage the stomach death fine, the Health and disease move fire. "Sun Ssu in the diet, with particular emphasis on the role of wine in the diet and hazards. He believes that wine to wine, can be health, blood circulation, meridians "before meals service medicine wine", and practice summary to rice wine, sesame wine, aspartic wine and other wine recipe for the carry forward of China's wine culture contributed to the development. Sun Ssu also discusses the role of alcohol with particular emphasis on drinking improper excess or drinking on the human body. Sun Ssu: drinking does not purports to multi-, multi-speed spit the better, Let not to, that is life-long diseases are not eliminated long drinkers, rotting stomach, stains marrow steamed ribs, La Tortura 1852. Drunk can not be When sunny, maddening; that he should not when the wind is lying, not very fan of all that is sick also; drunk can not be exposed lying and lying millet Rang, hair scabies sores; drunk not strong food, or send an ulcer, or hair dark, or sores; drunk can not go traveling and jump Zhi; drunk can not access the room, drunk transfer of the small surface sweat, cough, and the larger injury must dirty pulse loss of life. "drinking of vomiting, drunk food hot, the body adversely detrimental to the life in the daily diet, or drinking better, and also drink less wine, the adaptation of blood, must not be drunk or long-term heavy drinking.
Sun Ssu left many diet, food taboos, food recipe, Four Seasons nourishing, elderly nursed back to health and other health methods so far applied for future generations.
Sun Ssu is a famous Tang Dynasty said of medicine, health, home, Taoist medicine, health science and other aspects made immortal contributions to date still plays an important role in the medical history. Sun Ssu-life Lapping Taoist medicine health science, admired for future generations to enjoy life 142 years old. His life, writings and even Feng regimen on the major works, proactive support pillow Chinese "Lian Qi Ming, save God," Qian Jin Yao Fang and Qian Jin Yi Fang ", was later known as the" Medicine King . "
Sun Ssu in the long-term medical practice, summarized the health effects of diet and the role of diet regimen is an important part of people's health practice. Sun Ssu, in his book, citing physician Bian Que, and discusses the general principles of the diet regimen: "this place of refuge, will be funded in the food, to save the diseases of the Road, except that drug. I do not know the food should be enough to full Health; unknown potency, not to cure disease. so the food can be ranked evil and security organs, the purpose of drug tim God raised four gas ... "he considered equally important to diet and medication, diet is a prerequisite of the life-sustaining medication is capable of treating disorders of the body. Sun Ssu that the diet should pay attention to methods, said: "Speech is both cautious, still section diets. Is of good character who first hunger, food, first Keer drink; appetite and less number of do not want to Dayton. Nanxiao . often hastened to ask, such as full of hungry, hungry Zhongbao ear. "good health of the people, focus on dietary modification, the diet should be moderate, should be the law, can not drink like a fish eat or not eat hunger every day on time diet fullness, or hunger, or not conducive to health. Sun Ssu-cover full lung injury, hunger is hurt gas tendon injury, salty, acid break a bone. Per school light food, food when cooked chewing, to make Mizhi Rufu, not allow the wine fat into the intestines. "Over hunger and satiety are the enemy of health, he stressed that the diet should be taboo, there must be regularity.

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