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Cloud escort for the whole family healthy

If there is a private family doctors ready to help you check the health indicators, to give a reasonable proposal, and then the exercise of a personal fitness coaching, then that would be good! Skyworth cloud Health TV in one fell swoop solve these problems, it has six healthy test indicators, four fitness program, the more help you create a powerful cloud server family's private health records, for the whole family to tailor a health plan custom professional .

Ms. Lee, who lives in Changning District, the "This E700S easy to use and practical, I do not have to go out you can do to lose weight exercise, but also at any time to see their health indicators, and to cut a lot of money!" It is understood that this is because the the Skyworth cloud television E700S through a wireless WiFi connection weight instrument, fat and blood pressure testing equipment, real-time measurement of the health index, to facilitate users to keep track of the physical health of family members.

The color-blind test "in the" cloud health and professional medical organizations in the same set of maps, easy to identify color blindness and color weakness; psychological tests, including a constellation of emotional, social, personality, career and comprehensive six modules, and networking background update; The eyesight test is the eyesight test icon by international standards, accurate testing of daily vision changes, parents keep abreast of the development status of the child's eyes, and effective in preventing myopia.

Not only that, Skyworth the clouds television E700S also can be the user's health test results, providing further fitness program with yoga, table tennis, bowling and other health campaign platform in the cloud television, to meet the increasingly strong consumer demand for health psychological demands.

Speech, Dr.: and a know your friends

Subsection cloud Health TV has built-in voice Dr., it can voice the smart answer your questions, search for any movie, music, voice control TV, but also and the whole family to chat to tell jokes at home so a TV package your whole family wins! The voice of Dr. voice Encyclopedia link to the Baidu 100 dot com, can be professional and authoritative answer any questions, and voice broadcast the answer, which is we can not do any brand Skyworth leading technology.

The hyun black ultra-thin interpretation of fashion style

A stylish high-end TV, not only to function, but also engaging and comfortable design. E700S currently the forefront of the extreme Narrow border of 7 mm, with a white backplane brings a strong visual impact, with a black gloss screen body makes the whole TV looks great sense of quality . According to the sales staff, this Screen is called Hyun black IPS hard screen is a new generation of hard screen in the new upgrade of the IPS technology, making the TV have been greatly improved picture quality.

At home to watch high-definition movies, and of course the sound is also shock the job. Skyworth E700S sound shocking secret? Original for the ultra-thin TV Skyworth original a bass reduction technology, it is the low-frequency segment of our human ear sensitivity, 60-100HZ octave reduction, simulation reduced to 120-200HZ sensitive ear band, so that Originally in the range of human hearing can not hear the sound into a beautiful voice can be heard.

3D TV Qi shared six glasses is standard

With the opening of the CCTV 3D channels, many families have a 3D TV, and enjoy shocking audio and visual effects. However, more and more consumers to reflect the 3D glasses at home too little, home to the guests would like to share with wonderful 3D large it is not possible.

The Skyworth understand the needs of consumers to initiate intimate consumer feedback activities, purchase the Skyworth cloud TV, that presented six 3D glasses. Does not appear in the living room yelling grab the glasses.

The Skyworth focus on the twenty-four years of color TV R & D, never flash-style health 3D come out to the TV products of the first health cloud, continually refresh the industry record of innovation and technology, solid technology that the brand strength, but also by the majority of consumers.
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