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Ever thought can stay at home at home 100 meters race, and even experience very rarely come into contact with the charm of archery, cross-country skiing and other sports?
Fitness on the square of the Beijing Olympic City Sports Culture Festival, outdoor table tennis stage and badminton court all sports and fitness enthusiasm unabated, in the side "like sports fitness camp" in the dozens in front of the TV, there are handheld handle the face of TV on the realistic computer opponents also play "beat" smash, the same was in full swing on the table tennis courts and tennis courts. In the "swimming pool", "archery" and "cross-country ski tracks, but is packed with eager men and women. 
"Hit ten minutes, who has been sweating this fitness effect with really similar game of table tennis." Just holding the handle in front of the TV, so after a table tennis Lee Grandma rubbed his forehead oozing sweat, turned to look, just still beside grandson play in the next to the TV "goal" before the "header", having all the fun you look closely, his hat on the head folder a silver semi-circular header.
This header and the grandmother of Lee playing table tennis "with the handle, as well as participate in foot standard meter race leg wear, all television sets installed at the top of" 3D movement recognition "to identify objects using active human motion recognition and tracking technology combined with traditional fitness equipment and sports, fitness enthusiasts can be exempted from the restrictions of space and weather at home can experience realistic outdoor and stadium sports. According to the developers of "Love Movement", Taishan Sports Industry Group Chairman Bian Zhiliang, the "love action" is to allow participants to truly achieve fitness purpose, the standard for more than 30 sports of all ages are stored in the recognizer action model, when participants handheld handle or leg wear subscript movement, the action must be in line with the standard model can be identified, so participants must be like a real sports and fitness activities of the body, shall not be "lazy". In addition, it can be some sports action to guide the participants, even a simple physical physical fitness test. More unique is that it can and network connectivity, so that fitness with thousands of miles away friends and family and even strangers in a variety of sports, "competing against", fitness and entertainment, to meet modern communication, fitness, less the need for pressure, is a real high-tech fitness methods.
Although the fitness high-tech, but it was not trouble, installed on television, pick up the handle, put on foot standard, you can easily at home or in the office of sports and fitness. Physical Recreation is now integrated into the daily lives of the people, but with the accelerated pace of life and work pressure increase, and facing the lack of venues, the high cost of a single movement pattern, lack of exercise time, and other issues, more and more the homes will be able at any time to experience the joy of fitness in order to have a healthy body, this "network gym" to conform to the requirements of the times, to provide a scientific and effective way of popularization for all fitness.
As the saying goes: "Life is movement, countries are now strongly advocated fitness, and also set up a National Fitness Day, in order to evoke awareness of fitness and a healthy lifestyle, so it is done in the community on the fitness equipment some simple exercise, or sweating in a variety of gym and the gym, or even "high-tech fitness at home or in the office, as long as able to choose their own way," moving up "to become part of our lives health will follow.

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