health club "991 Health Club Ding Jiang Enterprise Development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 's website. Ding Xinjiang company is specialized in the origin of high-quality specialty planting, production and management, marketing, processing, storage integration company. Is part of Xinjiang, a source Industrial Co., Ltd..
A source of Industries was established in February 2007, the company's total investment of 150 million yuan, registered capital of 80 million yuan. Mainly engaged in the production, processing and sales of the characteristics of fruits and vegetables. The company introduced advanced fruit and vegetable processing production line in Italy, five agricultural products deep processing factory, the main products in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Tianjin, apricot sauce, ketchup, grape juice, pomegranate juice. The annual output of 5000 tons of apricot jam, ketchup 5000 tons, 2000 tons of grape juice, pomegranate juice, 2000 tons. The products are all exported to Europe, America and other developed markets. As a source of industry in the Mainland subsidiary, Ding Jiang riding western economic development and the central the Yuanjiang policy express to the rise of the western region and property characteristics as an opportunity to the spirit of [integrity and pragmatic, healthy and natural, people-oriented] the business philosophy is the rapid rise has been the formation of "company + base + farmers" benign pattern of production, but also has the advanced culture of the modern enterprise management concepts. Food quality, taste carefully selected food green finish, deep-processing services to delve into the formation of production for the marketing of such products, mode of operation, and build a complete industrial chain, will bring the property of Natural Health, Xinjiang delicious more mainland consumers, shape Xinjiang specialty brand of high quality agricultural and sideline products heading for the world to contribute to the construction of the western and community-wide health project.

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