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However, there are quantity and quality of health club are lagging far behind Europe and the United States and other Western countries, according to statistics, China's average of more than 100 million people own a fitness club, but with the rapid development of China's economy, the continuous improvement of people's living standard, we fitness awareness has been growing more and more people spend on fitness cost and time, appears a variety of comprehensive large-scale health club, fitness is more acceptable for many white-collar office workers. China's fitness industry has been booming, like Nirvana Fitness Club, North Fitness Club Beijing Yuetan day club "," Management of Golden Key International Health Consulting Management Limited "domestic well-known fitness club company, At the same time, some foreign health club group also began to seize the Chinese, like the U.S. Bally Total Fitness Corporation and the Chinese sports industry companies run by a joint venture "in the Bally Total Fitness Club Limited has been set up in Beijing, Shenyang, Dalian, five clubs, the success of America's largest health club chain Jinji Mu Fitness Club Group also opened two clubs, the other as well as Hong Kong Megafit, "Alexander" large chain of fitness clubs have opened in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other major cities in developed sub Hall, ambitious targeting the rapidly growing Chinese fitness industry market since the 1980s, a dance, calisthenics and jogging is the culmination of since the advent of aerobics, cause movement unrest around the world after the U.S. Gallup poll shows, sports fanaticism has become over the past few decades, people's lifestyle, one of the most significant change ". 
With the gradually enhance people's awareness of health, people began to pay attention to the movement and its concept. In Taiwan society as a whole was blowing a burst of new fitness fad, sports and fitness and its similar issues for the general public discussion. The face of Taiwan's economic boom in recent years in the doldrums, this campaign trend is the sudden emergence of new business opportunities. Such as fitness centers mushroomed pouring in the streets to be considered this wave of wave 当红炸子鸡.
In addition to the original local fitness center continued to expand, the American foreign fitness center - for example: California Fitness Center - this year have been put into the fitness market in Taiwan. Menacing foreign fitness center, greatly enhance the sense of urgency of the local leisure and fitness industry.
The traditional club in the past is only a small number of rich patent, the first US-owned fitness center - California Fitness Center has a grand scale attempt at a low price strategy stationed in the fitness industry; local fitness industry, the better known of Alexander Health Clubs also take certain actions at this time to expand their market territory.
Party is a domestic, a party abroad, to face a street lined with fitness center and a wide variety of marketing practices, consumers of the how from which to choose? The fighting of domestic health club market, in pursuit of the concept of sustainable, how to attract consumers and gain trust in order to achieve win-win situation both buyers and sellers long-term interests, has become the goal of the industry. Therefore, enterprises must be flexibility in the use of marketing strategies and innovative ideas to meet consumer demand.

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