health clubs Jin Jiankang own independent cultural system and the complete system of thought, the full content of its cultural and ideological system: one, two Italian, three steps Shi; semi-finals, Shun, six waiting for; seven to eight columns, the seventh business; perfect Jinjian Kang.

Golden Health Declaration
Jinjian Kang-third of the skills to do things, the seventh of courage into the industry! All commodities are temporary currency, the currency is the permanent goods, the pathway is the only way of commodities as a currency! Trade is like blood, it should circulate, there is no strategy for the enterprise is like a ship without a rudder, the only place a circular motion! The Jin Jiankang service strategy, marketing tactics! General business can not be achieved a new milestone in the brand building, please look at these 11 only!
1, the company is the world's only a theory based on a theoretical basis to guide the practice of companies!
2, the company is the world's only regular monthly gift to its members a product company, sociologist praised as "sending send philosophy.
3, this is the platform of the world's only three companies industry interaction strengths, economists praised as "to create a barrier-free access of enterprises and products!
4, the company is the world's only all members to use the product ex-factory price to enjoy the company;
5, the company is the only thing on behalf of the interests of consumers, on behalf of the distribution of interests, on behalf of producers' interests, the company is not their own interests and their own interests to skip the tangible realization of intangible benefits.
6, the company is the world's only dare to say his name in the health industry no one can go beyond, who a name beyond the reward of one million companies
7, the company is the world's only company to create a services marketing, the first of its kind! 8, the company is the only company in the world to create a plaza healthy culture!
9, the company is the world's only dare to say, regardless of large or small company, I dare you out of a cattle company inclusive!
10 This is also the only one in China dares to members the background and members of the network system platform open to the public security industry and commerce inspection companies, this company is Jin Jiankang company! 11, this system is the first company to use the composite progressive alignment system, humane, selective, and inclusiveness to meet all the needs of the cattle company, you've seen ten million of the company's systems do not have such system, as economists call it the most driving force of the system, is the only consumer switch to the operating system (other systems have not achieved the consumer switch to operate, because the consumption transfer operation is not necessary recommended Jin Jiankang no product purchase request, repeated consumption and there is no point requirements better things to understand.

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