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Professional advice to choose awarded gym fitness "rookie" who must not be advertised confused, just listen to the advertisement or salesman to sell to buy buy a membership card; have to stick to the site visit to the actual operation of equipment and then integrated their own needs and its advantages The bad point to do an overall assessment, it will not spur of the moment and Waste of money, or even deceived.
Who has never been a fitness habits, assess the gym can be both hardware and software to proceed:
Hardware: can be divided into two design and equipment design includes space lighting, and air is in circulation, etc., the gym is also one of the institutes of the public golf course, so arranged in space, the air flow. Even security facilities must comply with relevant regulations.
Remind the air circulation is important: most of the gym are located in the basement, if the ventilation is imperfect, it will prevent air circulation, but the fitness effect. Adequate light, spacious room with fresh air, make double the results of your fitness, is tantamount to assess the gym first and foremost examine.
In addition to the design, equipment, hardware, facilities, gym of the key forces and the performance of different fitness equipment can be divided into two categories:
First, training equipment: such as treadmills, step and bicycle are the basic supporting. Main function in the consumption of body fat.
Second, the weight training equipment: the role of muscle strength in the training, modified muscles, according to the training site can also be divided into upper and lower limbs, trunk usage, etc., regardless of the kind of equipment must be consistent with good health and normal function of the conditions.
Software: fitness equipment is the hardware key of the gym, fitness coach is essential, a good coach to help you quickly achieve the ideal fit results, more to calm the role of fitness rookie, so non-cautious in the selection can not be :
A license essential: a within the fitness industry began to promote the licensing system, the best attention in the choice of gym coach, professional background, or even to get a license, can add in, the safety protection.
Fitness will do a complete assessment: In order to reduce the probability of accidents, fitness must be done before a complete health assessment. Include:
Health survey: including blood pressure measurements, cardiac function Hing and bone type test; In addition, even if linked to habits, whether smoking, emotional status, and family history and other personal details of life can not be ignored.
Fitness assessment: such as body flexibility test, the subcutaneous fat ratio, strength, power, and so on.
After performing the above test, a fitness instructors will be responsible according to your needs with you face to face provides a fair one for personal fitness account book. In short, the only professional careful, well thought-out fitness coach, with a well-functioning fitness equipment, to ensure you have a tour of the gym ultra both efficiency and health.

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