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Countries invest heavily concerned about the supremacy of the people's livelihood, domestic and international industry giants have joined the medical industry, has occupied part the territory Zhanshanweiwang small companies are the confusion of the times or struggle, or thinking, or in transition, more new companies Try to share a residual share of food.
Sit down and explore with you a personal understanding of the industry, are purely personal views are welcome to participate in the discussion.
(1) look at the development
Health care is a persistent industry, people's livelihood, health conscious, this is a never-essential industries, and sing with the slogan of a harmonious society, the medical value is close to the people's livelihood, health concerns, service-oriented. Medical future there will be a reshuffle of the pack standing to the Three Kingdoms, the health care market is one company can not do it, just like financial software South Kingdee North UF, just like Oracle and SAP in ERP, so there must be utmost the several giant. But there are also caught between eager tenacious hundreds of thousands of lives. ERP Oracle and SAP, no matter how powerful, there are many excellent domestic ERP companies, UF the Kingdee gold abacus, and then with it emerge as a contender, and why? Because the market is large, turnip greens all have love, the complexity of China's national conditions, but also doomed many other factors determine the product option. Unless? Unless the state has adopted a strict industry standards, requirements 1, 2, 3, then the standards? Who set the standards?
(2) standard
Chaotic industry, complex national situation destined to be the standard-setting is difficult, but it is also the general trend inevitable. Around the special policy to manage, brought troubles and costs to the future of information technology is enormous, but the standard is who has the right to participate in the formulation? In addition to the Ministry of Health, local governments, in addition to people's livelihood, then there are a few giants, as well as can play a little company of a small force. So why should emerge as a contender? An urgent need for standards in this industry, there is an urgent need to standardize the industry, countries have an urgent need for such enterprises. The support of the people's livelihood, and occupied the boss in the industry, the country will be strongly supported because it is a major event of a service to the people.
(2) spring
The spring and the spring of the medical company of medical and medical workers, including our spring? I want health care with IT giant Oracle Oracle Database, but the lack of hardware platforms support race to the total disadvantage. SUN inhalation Oracle is undoubtedly a supplement to, of course, is the need for sustained test, the same I think that the medical companies all outputs of the hardware and software, it is undoubtedly a competitive capital. CT machine, radiation machines, medical and IT equipment, HIS, LIS, PACS, RIS, the regional platform, health records, telemedicine, etc. This is the king, this is the giant. China Medical IT companies to be internationalized, we need this business to navigate the Chinese medical. The spring of our health care IT workers?
(3) the current situation
Medical care because of a special industry in China is difficult to product, I think the standard has been hoping to take the product of the road. Effect of the domestic medical institutions managers, then the concept of the weak, and the underground part of the quality of personnel, personal interests, the software company's products and the implementation of the structure of the developers, the company's philosophy, workshops, project implementation, the implementation of the product a great impact on the implementation experience accumulation and inheritance, real depth to the actual business of the lack of industry experts, this industry workers feel physically and mentally with fatigue.
(4) The road is long for its repair
As we all say? This is a process, which requires patience, this is the need to plan, this is the need to invest all this requires a lot of people go to work to change.
Said these, I hope we can have a profound understanding of the industry is also the industry to find the direction of development of each person, the next most valuable? Welcome to participate in the discussion. I would like is we need to think about, in the medical confused to express their views

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