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1, most of the lipids from the food, so the diet of hyperlipidemia should be modest, with a part of the coarse grains into the staple food, foodstuffs, fish, lean meat, beans and soy products, fresh vegetables, fruits mainly eat fine food, sweets, butter, and chocolate;, kelp, seaweed, fungus, day lily flowers, mushrooms, garlic, onions and other foods help to reduce blood lipids and prevention of arterial atherosclerosis, can eat. The milk should go to the cream, no sugar, eggs, the principle of a day not more than one cooking to avoid frying, fried.
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1, control salt intake, avoid salted foods should light, taste, and correct use of spices such as fennel, black pepper, not only to mention the food fresh, and can reduce the amount of salt to help lower blood pressure. 2, the dinner should not be fed: some elderly people do not care about dinner and, with impunity, then the burden of gastrointestinal function, the impact of sleep is not conducive to the drop in blood pressure. Dinner should eat easily digestible food, with some soups, into the water shortage, make the night-time blood viscosity and promote thrombus formation. 3, limit alcohol consumption, heavy drinking can cause atherosclerosis, increased blood pressure. Most of the high blood pressure usually say the primary, it is recommended to develop conditioning programs based on blood lipids and blood sugar If your blood pressure is a little bit, it is recommended to first low-fat low-salt diet, emotional spiritual tone photo, and to develop good eating habits, etc., can be effective mitigation. Otherwise, you need to consider medication conditioning. Scientifically developed specifically for research and development of high blood pressure people zhiyuantang-Fu Maikang tea, the antihypertensive effect is very good. It is understood that this kind of tea can not only better blood pressure lowering, but also to remove free radicals and alleviate lipid. I wish a speedy recovery.

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