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Henkel (Henkel) in home care, personal care and adhesives three strategic business areas to provide a strong brand and technology.
Since its inception in 1876, many brands of Henkel's leading market positioning and enjoy a reputation in the consumer and industrial, such as Persil (Persil) Schwarzkopf (of Schwarzkopf), Loctite (Loctite) and other. Henkel headquarters of Henkel Corporation, headquartered in Dusseldorf, Germany. Henkel worldwide there are about 48,000 employees. Company headquartered in Germany, Henkel is one of the most international multinational corporations in the global market.
Henkel's three strategic business areas are: Laundry & Home Care Cosmetics / Toiletries adhesive technology.
Corporate culture
Henkel operates in different countries and cultures. Henkel's corporate culture, vision and values ​​of the workforce to unite and provide a unified standard of our business
Henkel, we have developed excellent brand and technology; we embrace change, and to communicate openly and aggressively. We preserve the tradition of an open family company. Innovation is an important component of the Henkel corporate culture. Henkel's annual "Innovation Year" activities, we encourage employees around the world will each submit two to three creative.
Moreover, the Henkel corporate guidelines in a pragmatic guidelines require employees to conduct business with the highest ethical standards and respect the respect for coworkers.
Vision and Values
Visible from Henkel's vision and the five corporate values, we have formed a worldwide binding code of conduct. Detailed records of these norms in a series of guidelines. In all business areas and the culture in which these codes will be the behavior of our employees to provide proper guidance and action. Our criteria
Code of Conduct, including the general principles and norms of behavior to help employees deal with ethical and legal issues correctly. "Teamwork and Leadership Standards for all levels of management and non-management staff to provide a guide to action. "Sustainable development criteria expounded the principles and expectations of our sustainability practices and corporate social responsibility. Company standards for its specific forms.

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