Most of the elderly in the last part of his life more or less life can not take care of themselves or can not completely take care of themselves. The city's 80-year-old male for the elderly are not expected to be completely self-care or can not take care of themselves a period of 1.1 years and 1.6 for women [1]. Economic security and freedom are two basic conditions for survival. When the lives of older persons can not completely take care of themselves or unable to take care of themselves, nursing has become the most important issue of whether they can guarantee the basic quality of life. The daily care is not only a majority of older people are most concerned about, is also the majority of children are most worried about the problem. Life can take care of themselves, the elderly have a greater demand for cultural activities, education, tourism, and for the difficulties of daily living of the elderly care services and provide them with timely help things. Research and study to solve the problem of care of the elderly daily life has a very important practical significance. Shanghai is the country's population cities with the highest degree of aging, to the situation in Shanghai, for example, ways to explore the development of elderly home care services.

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