the home health and fitness
Beginning in 2009, Changping have been 6600 people gradually become a home health worker. Hu, who lives in Zejie Regency district into this year's 69-year-old, elderly people from a young age to pay attention to the salt and less oil, seven full meal, focusing on sleep, daily Liuwan, are writing a book, exercise fitness equipment, body bone very tough. A few years ago, his wife suffering from high blood pressure, Hu into the duty-bound elderly people when starting a family health workers, to urge his wife every day appropriate exercise, take medicine on time, to make her laugh, his wife's blood pressure has been very stable.
"We will give priority to consider their own chronic illness or family members of residents with chronic diseases have been elected Members of the family health community doctors will work with home health workers to establish a stable contact, the implementation of the responsibility of the responsibility of physicians, and family health workers each year face to face or telephone communication, understanding his own and the health status of family members. Changping District Health Board official said.
It is understood that the 2007 to 2010 the city through the implementation of the Chronic Disease Prevention Family Health Worker program, to promote the formation of residents' healthy lifestyles and health knowledge concepts, enhance self-management levels of the health of residents; build a community health service institutions and residents mutual exchange, mutual trust, good communication platform for home health workers has become one of the effective means of preventing chronic illnesses. 2011 -2015 years, the city continue to promote the culture of family health workers plan to train 100,000 home health workers.

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