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-Year-old when she suddenly inexplicably own stumble EMG is excited iron Township meat bar to bar to go back and forth with a needle, an ordinary person to bear the agony of flying experience. Required children under the age of 6 can not do EMG (difficult to the right, that is 10 years ago, the streets of the ancient city of Xi'an, and often you can see a lovely, beautiful and intelligent little girl, holding the hand of the father and mother crooked little head, and they whisper; or bounce, naive, playing in between the parents ... this is a happy family: husband Jianxin Xi'an Public Security Bureau police officers, his wife, Zhang Li Shaanxi Province quality Supervision, Inspection cadres of a little girl named Li Huan, both the crystallization of love. a bolt. Li Huan-year-old, faint feel legs hurt a bit, and then somehow been tripped, and finally the development of even kindergarten that is not high have to climb stairs. Li Huan this is What 's the matter? Zhang Li came to the hospital with her daughter, the doctor suspected Li Huan suffering from progressive muscular dystrophy, the disease in the world like a cancer, this disease gradually paralyzed, until ...... the head with a stick, Zhang Li flute, my mind went blank, in the face of the unexpected calamity of flying, she did not know how to explain to her husband, she understands the child's illness on the family, will mean. couple take the kids to the hospital for a variety of detailed tests, the results of CPK values ​​10 times higher than that of ordinary people, and so infer that Li Huan suffering from muscular dystrophy possibility to account for a large component may only be possible, after all, do not claim that. Zhang Li couple holding one of the few remaining

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