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Baby six-stage health care
(1) January-February, the countermeasures of infant health care
Gum: gum generally use warm water to wipe off the can. Should ask the doctor to look at the situation is more serious.
The nose blocking: It may be related to allergies.
If the blockage is severe, it can be hot towel on the nose, or used with caution in intranasal drug (1,2 times) can also be used cotton swab with baby oil or water to all nostrils.
Stool hard: you can feed some fruit juice, soup, syrup or honey water, malted milk.
Can not take a bath: When the child serious condition that can be used wet towels to wipe the neck, armpit, buttocks, and so easy to dirty.
Back children: four or five months later, when the children looked up to back child. Infant expressions, grasping, and able to stand up, have a strong curiosity, and so on. Children may feed some food supplements. Some cold water poured into his ankle in children after showering, the skin and mucous membranes of the forging.
(2) 3-4 month-old baby
March-April infants expressions can be looked up, sucking fingers, increased imports of water.
The feed can be fed some fruit juice and soup.
Should try to make a child lives with the law, give the child some lick and bite toys.
Teach children to know things to do language training for children.
This month of the child, you should pay attention to hip dislocation, cold, hernias and other diseases. Careful to children with a pillow, mosquito coils.

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