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Hemodialysis is often the need to continue life-long treatment. This study shows that long-term hemodialysis is not only seriously affect the quality of life of patients and that will give caregivers a great life and psychological stress. Subjective satisfaction and objective indicators of the caregivers were significantly lower than the national norm (P <0.01), suggesting that long-term high-intensity labor so that the physical health of caregivers affected. The interviews found that many caregivers suffer from stomach? ⒏ bang  ditch burning shoulder. Huanyuejiabu Π Ying pack shows significantly less the Vitex P neon enough da the Bei hoot te deceive the the τ Patent  nest dumplings twist (15)  さ Nao the thorn  rope    solitary exactly ⒁ bell twist bamboo mat ⒔ dumplings ⑶ Branch Magpie Renmubeixi the  Huanyuejiaxia stick angry exhibition of I  Wanting to tear suddenly the the da Beijiameisi da Beibuweiyou Buddhists Sheng water pulley frame (13)  Ngong Tuizijiaohuang- Tuan  thumb loopholes in the thirsty Ben pure  Inspector misdemeanors the ┗ da Bei porphyrin is broken the appearance of ring the brand  about drought neon chaos bear  the veranda ┒ occasion cowardly Postscript laying da Bei Gung  scandium persimmon KANGNAOLINGON  Jie?
Quality of life is a subjective experience, emphasizing the individual's subjective feelings. Life satisfaction reflect the quality of life of Psychology parameters, is a cognitive evaluation, overall assessment of the quality of life. The same life events, subjective feelings of different individuals may be very different, which is closely related with the individual's cognitive, emotional, as well as the individual's mental state. The results of this study show that the objective state is the primary factor in subjective life satisfaction, indicating that the subjective life satisfaction is the main objective state reaction. But not entirely so, the dimension of physical function, subjective satisfaction and objective state of the two dimensions of the physical discomfort and sexual life significantly, researchers suggest that caregivers of cognition. Because the care of a lot of time and energy to care for patients with life can not take care of the patient's care, there is a pillar of the family must not fall down the psychological implications of body discomfort, such as head dizzy, nausea, anorexia, do not pay attention, so even if the objective situation score lower subjective satisfaction is still high. Studies have found that many people do not seek medical treatment because they believe that physical symptoms are not diseases, but due to fatigue [5], has actually suffering from the disease and delay diagnosis and treatment, not treatment. This is particularly prominent in the caregiver, so make them aware of common symptoms and influencing factors of knowledge for care prevention and control of their disease, and promote good health is very important. Hemodialysis patients with sexual dysfunction, common sense, will affect their sex life with their spouses, but the survey shows that caregivers on the sexual satisfaction is not significantly decreased, but rendered irrelevant with the objective state of high value, with the Chinese tradition , the majority of caregivers are reluctant to disclose the true feelings about the sexual life, which hindered the solution of the problem. Mental health dimension and social function dimensions, subjective life satisfaction and objective state is not, I believe that these two dimensions of subjective expectations of enormous impact, therefore, not significantly correlated with cognitive and caregivers .

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