in the home care providers
In recent years, medical workers on hemodialysis (hereinafter referred to as HD) quality of life in patients with (qualityoflife QOL) [1,2], but the hemodialysis patients with home care providers (the care), quality of life the study has not been reported. The long-term hemodialysis caregivers resulted in a greater psychological pressure and economic pressure, a serious impact on their quality of life. Assess caregiver quality of life, and analyze its influencing factors, and thus to develop the system of scientific interventions, specialist nurses should be of concern. 65 quality of life of caregivers, this study conducted a survey report on the results as follows. An object and methods 1.1 object hemodialysis patients on 3 May 2004, the laws of friendship and kidney disease center in Jinan City Ambulatory Care, 65 are subject to the following conditions: 18 years of age, to take care of regular hemodialysis patients 3 months or more malignant tumors, severe disability, major surgery and other factors seriously affect the quality of life in the three months to rule out mental disorders, severe hearing impairment. 30 were male and 35 female, aged 38 to 72 years, average 50.21 years old.

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