in. the home nursing care
Psychological care
When people get sick, especially some of the more serious diseases lead to the different degrees of psychological burden of fear, anxiety, and these will affect the patient's rehabilitation. Thereby lessening the pressure is also one of the care of the patient's psychological.
Nursing techniques require the patient's family care and counseling the war Jiayi Ren cuckoo and other compiled
(1) understanding of the health care are the care and timely advice to healthcare professionals, patients receive the best possible care services.
⑵ patient room light should be sufficient, temperature, humidity should be appropriate.
(3) nursing action to be rapid, gentle, The Never Shenglayingzhuai, to avoid unnecessary suffering to the patient increase.
(4) pay attention to the patient supine posture should be comfortable addition to the need to exposed portions of the rest of the shelter, keep warm.
(5) Note that the cleaning operation, care to coat tidy, it is best to wear a mask, wash hands with soap before and after operation.
⑹ good psychological care to understand the psychological state of patients, to do the explanatory work. The patient, amiable, language to be gentle, to make patients as possible in the best mental state for treatment.
⑺ care operation after the tidy up the patient's clothes and bedding, so that patients feel comfortable.
⑻ good condition observation records and nursing records.
Oral care for ambulatory patients "patient home care counseling" war Nice Ren cuckoo, etc. ed
Normal mouth contains large amounts of lysozyme, a bactericidal effect. Bedridden patients, the immune system declines, drinking water, eating less, micro-organisms in the oral cavity took the opportunity to multiply, causing stomatitis, glossitis, or due to infection led to complications. And oral care, both diseases can be prevented, but also make the patient feel comfortable, and stimulates the appetite.
Ambulatory patients, the dentures should be selected under the dentures. Oral care of patients able to sit up, should make his own like a normal brush teeth. Can not sit the patient allowed to head to one side or lateral the neck Xiadian thousand towels at the mouth put a small bowl, brush their teeth by the patient. Can not take care of patients, should help brush their teeth. If the patient mouth was moving difficulties or confusion, the forceps can be sterilized after clamping saline cotton balls, or with your fingers wrapped sterile gauze, from the outside to wipe all surfaces of the teeth, tongue and oral mucosa, pay attention to wipe replacement several cotton balls. Finished scrubbing, dry face, the number of inventory of cotton balls, finishing-use.
Do oral care, action to light, to prevent damage to the oral mucosa. Saline cotton balls is not too wet, to avoid inhalation. Oral ulcers, coated with 1% ice boron or double throat wind scattered.
Dentures patients should take the dentures washed with cold water to wash the net into the water to save to disable the hot water to prevent cracking or deformation.
The oral care at least sooner or later, if necessary, meal after meal should also be carried out.
Ambulatory patients the morning, evening care "patients family care counseling" Nice war Ren cuckoo, etc. ed
⑴ morning care. Morning care to give patients an exciting look to greet the new day, and give the patient the day to create a clean, comfortable environment.
① every morning you want doors and windows open for some time, replace the indoor air, pay attention to the patient warm when the winter window.
② to the patients face, wash your hands, incontinent patients but also cleaning the perineum and sponge bath.
③ the patient oral care to help their hair.
④ to the patient stand up, massage the back and bone salient.
The ⑤ observed changes in conditions, such as the pulse of the body temperature, breathing, etc..
⑥ beds, cleaning sheets, leveled, laid out sheets and the cover is necessary to replace the patient clothes.
⑵ evening care. Night Care allows patients clean, comfortable and conducive to sleep.
① oral care to patients or assist in the mouth.
② to the patient to wash your face, wash your hands, feet, female patient rinse the vulva.
③ to the patient stand up, Massage.
④ the bed auxiliary cover cover.
The ⑤ lights or adjust the lighting to avoid glare and noise.
The ⑥ difficult to sleep the patient may be given a small amount of diet.

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