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Canada currently has more than 13.5% of the population to meet or exceed the age of 65, it is estimated that this proportion may reach 20% by 2030. In order to understand elder care issues of increasing concern, Xinhua News Agency reporter recently visited SUCCESS affiliated Simon KY Lee Seniors Care and Attention Home.
SUCCESS is one of Western Canada, British Columbia's largest social service agencies, working in three nursing homes located in downtown Vancouver Chinatown "Simon KY Lee Seniors Care and Attention Home is the largest one.
SUCCESS Health Service Executive Director, Ms. Cai Liangjie out to reporters, said the nursing home was established in 2001, a total of 103 beds, and now have lived in 103 elderly. Is divided into five nursing unit, one of the district live in the elderly with dementia, other cell comprehensive care area. Comprehensive care that elderly people need 24 hours of professional care.
In addition to provide comprehensive care services for the disabled elderly, the SUCCESS of services also includes providing day care services for elderly home every night cooking daily meals for elderly people living alone in their own homes.
Need comprehensive care of disabled elderly each month just to pay 498 yuan (about 478 U.S. dollars), equivalent to the federal government monthly subsidy of 80% of their elderly security pension. Nursing home for every shelter a need for a comprehensive care of disabled elderly per day available to the Government of British Columbia 116 Canadian dollars (about 111 U.S. dollars) in subsidies.
Cailiang Jie stressed the elderly, the ideal situation is still live in their own homes as long as possible. But when they have to take 24 hours of professional care situation can not continue to stay in their own familiar environment, you need to consider sent to a nursing home.
Allen is a rehabilitation assistant, responsible for helping the elderly to maintain their vitality by walking, stretching and other sports. She said: "Most old people like to exercise, they also recognize that exercise is a very important thing to them, exercise can make their joints more flexible, more mobile, but also enable them to accomplish more things independently. "
Suzanne is a holding according to nursing homes for the elderly tenants to provide medium-term and comprehensive care, including dressing, feeding the elderly and help them go to the toilet. Suzanne said, an increasingly serious problem of troubled elderly is Alzheimer's disease. But she believed that, if we can provide them with the services they need to accompany them and their situation will be improved.

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